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ayylmao -
All things alien
ideasforvoat -
Ideas for Voat As soon as f...
Whitepill -
Whitepill of the day
SimulationTheory -
This sub is for the debate of,...
MandelaEffect -
The phenomenon where it is dis...
Go your own way.
Computers -
All things Computers. Hardware and software.
Internet_Elves -
Equal opposite of Internet Trolls.
Magica -
For Madoka Magica fans and related media, except Magia Record.
Berserk -
Unofficial spot for the Berserk fandom to gather. Thank you Kentaro Miura
Occult -
Subverse centered around discu...
Gab -
anything gab related
x0x7projects -
Projects I work on
libertarian -
Promoting a free society, built on free principles.
GreyGoatTools -
Tools and gear that might not have shown up on your radar.
WordsOfTheDay -
VOAT's Vocabulary
PatrickLittle -
Little Revolution
FeralBantuInvaders -
A subverse primarily about the...
PureFuckingKikery -
Things that make your blood boil
CuckIsland -
Anything that concerns the UK and it's emancipated Colonies
Subverse_Categories -
Name a category and include the Voat subverses that go there.
armwrestling -
The only real sport.
Hup -
All Things Hup Related
195 -
Buddhism -
For the serious types.
princeharryhate -
The pathetic prince
VoatFmRadio -
DJ banter and music
punk -
fuck you
Marches -
Marches, marching music, and all that.
ImportantPosts -
A place to gather threads which shouldn't be easily forgotton
OccidentalEnclave -
Dedicated to Western Civilizat...
Country_Music -
Music. From a country. From THE Country!
HolocoughHoax -
A subverse for exposing jewflu nonsense
TraditionalLatinMass -
A Subverse for sharing information and items related to the Pre-Vatican II Catholic Church.
WatchaDoinRabbi -
Fake hate crimes for the sake of gaslighting whites
WowClassic -
World of Warcraft Classic
CurrentlyListeningTo -
Post what you're currently listening to
666 -
11 And I beheld another beast ...
site -
1990 -
Fuck you
test2 -
RockNRoll -
All things Rock 'N Roll! Spin your favorites!
ReportSpammers -
The Official Subverse for Repo...
SquaredCircle -
REAL Rassling
Hope -
Hope against juden perfidy
DumpsterFireAmerica -
The collapse of the great repu...
endthelockdowns -
Time to free ourselves from the global gulag.
electionfraud -
Faked elections.
thepersecutedchurch -
The true church of God is the church that takes flack for what it stands for.
TheAnimeReich -
Freedom -
It comes with sacrifice. But never let it be a sacrifice of liberty.
Censorship -
The opposite of freedom of speech.
SoapboxBongHits -
Voatstapo -
This is a subverse dedicated o...
Fashwave -
This sub is dedicated to Fashw...
Crime -
A place for crime news, stories of crime from all over.
ThisIsNotTheSubYouWereLookingFor -
The old lady with cakes has al...
alttech -
The only alternative.
Comics -
Query -
A subverse for posting fact-finding questions and consolidating data.
TheEternalJew -
This subverse is dedicated to ...
fakenews -
CNN, mainstream media, et. al is fake news.
Covid1984 -
The political covid "pandemic" is being used to install global totalitarian government.
Albertastan -
The banana republic of Alberta.
Holohoax -
It was a hoax created by the J...
HolocaustWasFaked -
It was a hoax created by the J...
policestate -
The evil police state.
CheeseboogersHotdogs -
Dog pics because we can't live off of cat pics alone.
Tyranny -
The government by the few for the interest of the few.
DrWilliamLutherPierce -
The works of Dr. Pierce, his message, and calling out the Jew in modern day situations.
DoubleThink -
War is peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is strength.
Jungle -
Life in the Jungle
MemoryHole -
Things that got thrown down the Memory Hole. Revive the events (((they))) want forgotten.
HitlersGermany -
Life under the most lied about...
TheStorm -
Qstorm backup
documents -
All kinds of written and typed texts.
Lesbians, gays, bisexuals, trannies, queers, necrophiliacs, pedophiles and zoophiles.
terrorism -
Most terrorism is state-sponsored.
newz -
Curation of a Real-Time, Mostl...
ElectronicMusic -
Fill the Soul With Digital Magic!
WorldWar3 -
The final war?
EconomicCollapse -
The current economic system is on the brink of destruction.
Minstrel_Advertising -
Post examples of predominately...
RaceStats -
Statistics concerning race.
RacistMemes -
"How can I laugh at this? There's no racism!"
WhitePeopleThings -
A place for things that just w...
Canuckistan -
O Canada! Our frozen native...
shitisraeldoes -
And they do a lot!
Covidicences -
Documenting COVID vaccine deat...
webdev -
The sub where learn to code isn't a meme and rainbow coding-socks faggots get the rm -rf
Questions, questions, questions. Ask Me Anything is the name, having something to say is the game.
based_department -
hello, based department?
SHTFplan -
Have a plan for when the shit hits the fan!
BigBadTech -
The monstrosity that is the big tech hydra.
GlobohomoArt -
Read this pastebin first: http...
PoliticalMemes -
Authentically offensive memes from all corners of the political hellscape. Don't like it? Too bad.
Strange_Coincidences -
Welcome to /v/Strange_Coincide...
Health -
Be well or die young.
Meme -
Meme magic
Memes -
Meme magic
Origins of Occult - Posts and ...
TheRiddler -
Riddles, riddles and more riddles. Post em if ya got em, otherwise read em.
Jazz and Jazz-rooted music from all Jazz subgenres and time periods.
AnarchoCapitalism -
For the only real lovers of freedom
AskASiteExpert -
seek out the expertise of fell...
Monkeys -
Ooh ooh! Aah aah!
CovidWorldOrder -
The New World Order, brought to you by the NIH, the WHO, and the Wuhan Institution of Virology.
endtimes -
The end is nigh.
test -
for Putts
Aircraft -
Stuff that flies which is buil...
boats -
error: description not found
cars -
cars, duh. Like the name says!
America -
Land of the free, home of the brave.
Italy -
All Things Italian
Art -
A subverse for all those pretty pictures white folks make
Truth -
Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.
eugenics -
Mass murder on a global level.
Dumb fucks not adhering to safety standards.
reality -
Reality is what you get when you look past the surface of things.
JewishCrimesMatter -
That's a fact.
Pierce -
William Luther Pierce and the National Alliance
Daily -
MeanwhileOnRuqqus -
Long live Chairman CaptainMegaJew
GreatCovidReset -
Well, not so great after all, is it!
Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response
THOT_Status -
What is the status of these THOTs?
PaddysPub -
The Best Jukebox On Voat™ and we never Coors.
OldSchoolCool -
will relinquish if asked; until then
Do it yourself.
buildapc -
Build a PC
Wyoming -
Anything to do with the 44th state in the union
JustThePunchLine -
get to where i laugh
Goats -
Aporeciation for everything goats sub.
dankhumor -
Funny yet dark.
We are Patriots
FloridaMan -
A record of all the cool and crazy stuff Florida Man gets into.
Gunnews -
News about guns. I used to love them, but sadly I lost them all in a tragic boating accident.
Beaners -
Documenting the invasion of the United States by the taco niggers.
TriggerMemes -
Memes to trigger the incompetent and the hopeless.
Australia -
Fuck off we're full.
ClimateChangeSkeptic -
A skeptic’s guide to climate...
Kalashnikov -
AK-47, AKM, AK-74, and related platform weapon systems.
Vaping -
ClownWorld -
Clown world documented
front -
Oligopoly -
Monopoly by the few over the many.
synthwave -
hardware -
a technology subverse for computer hardware news, reviews and discussion
VoatQuotes -
Dedicated to Goats infamous quotes
WatchPeopleDie -
Informative videos of unfortun...
Dreams -
Describe your dreams here. As ...
Mushrooms -
The Superior Eukaryote
Bees -
The white people of insects
WhiteBeauty -
A sub to celebrate the inner and outer beauty of white people.
Church -
Take it to da church, yo.
SidebarHelp -
Collapse -
The collapse of the modern world.
Quotes -
"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom."
AI -
Artificial Intelligence, ML (Machine Learning) DL (Deep Learning) and related news and discussion
UnitedKingdom -
UK Politics and discussion related to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
fakepandemic -
As the definition of pandemic has changed, most every pandemic is now fake.
resistancetothenwo -
"Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God." - Thomas Jefferson
TruNews -
Based Christian news outlet out of Vero Beach, Florida.
HealthRangerReport -
Mike Adams the Health Ranger o...
ChristianMetal -
Only the heaviest.
christianrock -
The best kind of rock music.
Homesteading -
A subverse all about homesteading.
Archery -
All things archery, from recurve to cross-bow.
Chatty Chat Chat
iceage -
We are in the new ice age.
cyberpunkreality -
Technology integrated with humanity
LyingNewsMedia -
Please add evidence of the many lies the media has been telling to this subverse.
simulatedpresidentjoebiden -
We know he's fake.
oklahoma -
Wind, plains, etc.
strange -
Everything in life that is strange like haunting's, UFO's, etc
SoapDingisBananammer -
Here at Soap Dingis Bananammer your banned forever. And always
based_satire -
The best kind of satire.
zionistpuppet -
All about fake politicians who are entrapped by Israel.
audiobooks -
When you're too lazy to read.
Persecution -
The persecution of Christians.
basedblacks -
The best of the best!
Canada -
The Great White North.
FightingBackAgainstTheNWO -
The New World Order must be destroyed.
StarTrek -
All things ST except the nigger one
AirShips -
Discussion of lighter than air craft
Depopulation -
Less people through eugenics.
ccpvirus -
The virus that is the CCP, infesting every part of the world. Also the Wuhan Flu.
christfollowers -
A subverse for the followers of Jesus Christ, and those who are just curious or interested.
Christian -
A subverse for Christians, Chr...
BasedMovies -
Movies for based people or about based people.
Catholic -
This is a Roman Catholic sub. ...
PatrickSTomlinson -
Sharing our love of our favorite Sci-Fi author.
Opieandanthony -
Discussion of the radio show Opie and Anthony
BannedFromSocialMedia -
Content, channels and users banned from the Mainstream
Plandemic -
The conspiracy to reduce world...
ChristianMusic -
Music by Christians, for Christians or done in the Christian genre.
Rust -
Let’s play rust niggerfaggots
Recipes -
Share your favorite recipe or one you'd like to try.
ConsumeProduct -
JewMedia -
Things you see on Jew Media
GoFraudMe -
Expose frauds here. I'll start: TexasVet
Gardening -
For stuff you grow in dirt.
TellVoat -
Tell the community here
Space -
For all things related to astr...
antinatalism -
T4 Euthanasia Program
AllPhilosophy -
A place for philosophic waxing, in honour of an old website that crossed the great 404 sea
dogs -
Wildlife -
All things wild!
Machining -
Anything machining related.
Linux -
Because there should be a Linux sub.
Cats -
Figure it out yourself, don't be a niggerfaggot is all
WhiteGenocide -
This guild is for posting evid...
GeorgeLincolnRockwell -
The teachings of the American Nazi Party leader, Commander Rockwell.
fitness -
De-faggotize yourself and get fit and ready for the racewar.
HitlerWasRight -
14Words -
A white positive space to disc...
Nature -
Nature is defined by the pheno...
Metal -
All things Heavy Metal
DavidIrving -
Teachings from the greatest historian of our time.
MoviesWithGoats -
Watch movies with goats Our...
NewRockMusic -
For posting new rock music.
History -
til_proto -
Prototype of TIL
oneangrygamer -
**Original Content and Game re...
YourMomsAss -
I just wanted it to be official on my bio
Heresy -
"Raise buildings and sing song...
Controlavirus -
COVID-19 Discussion
Silver -
Silver Spot
NiggerLoversExposed -
Name and shame
FakeandGay -
spaceflight -
Manned and unmanned spacecraft...
Jew -
QRpill -
4th -
4th amendment and similar case...
Guitar -
This is the guitar sub. Welcome to it.
Coal -
Discuss things coal related. ...
a subverse for anything related to the Pacific Northwest
BlackPilled -
This sub isn't about demoraliz...
anime -
anime stuff
Quail -
Quail is the most underrated a...
qa -
world -
pride -
humor -
top -
nation -
Expose the dumb fuck known as AOU.
ShitpostLitterBox -
Welcome. Kat, you will find the lease rste very reasonable, if you lease, soon, before rates go up.
4Chan -
TheShaveDen -
Place for shaving and anything related
MillionDollarExtreme -
RoastieBashers -
We talk shit about roasties, o...
Whichever -
Fuck Whatever. This is Whichever. so... whatever!! doh! I mean whichever!
NewSubIntro -
Tell Voat about your new sub
QMania -
Its where we can all laugh at Crenschiepoo and his band of retarded retards WAKAWAKAWOOGA1!
Hiddenlol -
HDLunited -
Refugees are welcome
Jokes -
All the jokes fit to print.
DS_Detention -
Double Secret Detention
BushCamp -
Anything goes, spammers will be booted.
A lot like SoapBoxBanHammer
Orthodox -
Sub for discussion of the "orthodox" christian faith.
RomanCatholicism -
A sub to discuss all things Roman Catholic
memesharing -
Share memes and stuff
SoapboxBanhammer -
Post here!!! Is gud
industrialmusic -
the best and most misunderstood form of music
Guns -
Voat -
Crypto -
Jews -
ChefDongs -
Purrfect Food and Conversation
Qstorm -
Q shit
Theology -
A sub to discuss all things regarding theology.
Christianity -
Sub for the discussion of all things related to Christianity.
Basedhaikus -
This is for the based No niggerfaggotry here All posts must haiku
ChefFongs -
Great Chicken and Great Conversation
Dreamworlds -
Into the unknown.
Surfing -
All surfing related links go here.
pic8 -
@picman is a faggot
picinfinity -
@picman is a faggot
vid8 -
vid8 poalco
Catholicism -
Sub to discuss all aspects of the catholic faith.
Poal -
Poalco -
random -
whatever -
whatever w/e
videos -
tv -
pics -
news -
music -
movies -
gifs -
gaming -
funny -
books -
aww -
all -