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Discussion of kike physics, full of illogical contradictions, and speculation as to why     (science)

submitted by GottaGasEmAll to science 2 days ago


Addendum: I'm not a good writer so I'm not going to bother trying to fix this mess. It won't improve it at all. Some of this could be wrong. Do your own research, though I'm not knowingly spreading misinformation I'm interested in physics generally, mainly just how everything works, what everything is, etc. It seems to me that if you study mainstream (kike) science for even a couple of days, if you are honest, you will come out of it dumbfounded how anyone is pushing this garbage. Now if you look at who creates all these "theories" about everything it's stacked top to bottom with kikes. The most well known of course is al einkike, I mean einstein, who was so brilliant he banged his cousin I'M SORRY. *** Example section *** Relativity turned out wrong so they invented this magical matter that nobody can see, interact with, or find anywhere or anytime. Even though nobody can find or explain it at all they say "dark matter" makes up 85% of matter in the universe and 27% of the mass. Cool imagination. Instead of correcting their wrong theory of gravity they make fictional "dark matter" maps of celestial objects, effectively changing the universe to fit the theory instead of changing the theory to fit the universe. You cannot usurp jew science even if it's that blatantly wrong. There is something you can always look to and say "that is correct!" or "that defies logic!" and that is logic. EXCEPT if you believe jew science. If something is not comprised of smaller things then it cannot be broken down into anything. That's logical. In jew science muons are supposedly elementary particles which means they are not comprised of smaller components, yet they break down into smaller components. There are other examples of this. They don't even attempt to explain this. How about electron orbits around protons? A proton and positron have the same charge and when an electron and positron are near they go together (and annihilate) however when a proton and electron are near they do not go together in fact the electron orbits at various distances. Clearly a proton isn't what they think it is. They just ignore this. This next one bothers me because it's an extremely elegant system that is totally ignored. You can change protons into neutrons or neutrons into protons by adding or removing electrons and positrons via beta decay or electron capture (and I presume positron capture). Yet this is all ignored and they deny that protons and neutrons are made of electrons and positrons and instead claim that protons and neutrons are comprised of "quarks" yet the "quarks" can never magically be seen outside of them. Cats can be alive and dead at the same time. Not really, unless you believe jew science. If something is alive it cannot be dead, if something is here it cannot be there, this is logic and you cannot defy it and be correct. This is apart of the "copenhagen interpretation". There is a lot more to this but I'll leave it at that. Quantum computing is fiction. Not really, or is it? But seriously I could be wrong but I don't believe this exists. Mainly because nobody can explain it. If you read any article about muh quantum computing they always say the same thing. "In normal computing your bits are either a 0 or 1 but in Q U A N T U M C O M P U T I N G they can be 0 and 1 A T T H E S A M E T I M E." And the explanation ends there. So this is part of the copenhagen interpretation. The bit isn't really a 0 and 1 at the same time (i presume), it's either a 0 or a 1 and you just don't know what is it yet because you didn't look at it. But when you look at it, it will be a 0 or a 1. So how does that get you anywhere? I dont know because nobody ever explained it. Additionally there are actual smart people that believe the copenhagen bullshit and still believe quantum computing is impossible, you can find videos if you search around. *** Example section end *** So where does this leave us? We have all this stuff that is clearly wrong, illogical or contradictory and pushed incessantly by the jew world order. Modern science is at a total dead end. Nothings progressing because you have to work within their broken models or you are instantly blacklisted, banned, laughed at, berated, and called names like "crank". Paranoid speculation section. Technology would set us free from the kikes. Imagine someone invents this crazy antigravity tech that allows anyone to easily leave earth. The kikes can't dominate us if we could just leave, it would be over instantly. The kikes pushing this junk science HAVE to know it's bullshit, you can study it for a day and come to that conclusion, it's so obvious. It fits in with their general "distort reality in every way imaginable" narrative and it may be as simple as that but I can't help but wonder if they are, in secret, working with real theories while teaching us all this dogshit. Who knows
Like my trackmania car?     (

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