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To me freedom is just as much about your own ability to enforce self-imposed constraints as it is the ability to do anything you want.     (all)

submitted by Rayden to all 3 days ago


Often, when I have time to do anything I want it's because I followed my own constraints (saving money, eating right, working out, attempting to be a good person) long enough. I guess that's why they say freedom isn't free. You have to pay for it with SOMETHING. Those things I listed are the currency of freedom, not just having enough USD shitcoin.
G7 looks like a reality TV show.      (TellVoat)

submitted by Rayden to TellVoat 3 days ago


It looks a lot like there is a globalist agenda. They had to get Biden in so they didn't have to wait to start their plan. They are implementing their agenda right in front of our eyes with absolutely no concern for what we want. They are like sim city addicts on meth.
Local sheriff's office flying gay pride flag. Please advise.     (all)

submitted by Rayden to all 4 days ago


I thought about calling them but well you know how sheriff's can be and I'd rather not get into an argument with an entity that has been given mortal authority over my life. ...which is exactly why they should not be flying that fucking flag. No adults. So, just move right?
WOW! Boris Johnson Forced to Stop and Correct Joe Biden After He Already Introduced President of South Africa (VIDEO)     (

submitted by Rayden to politics 4 days ago


From the looks of it Joe's handler is somewhere around his ...10:00 position
I'm living a loser's life but I'm not a loser.     (AskVoat)

submitted by Rayden to AskVoat 6 days ago


I know that I'm smart and I know that I'm hard working and I know I have discipline. Yet my life has been nothing but me getting screwed over and me trying and falling. I know that you're supposed to blame yourself if your life sucks but I don't. Because I've done a lot of the stuff that you're supposed to do and it didn't work out for me. I just don't fit into this society. I feel like I never had a chance to be my own person when everyone else around me has and it bothers me because I really do think I'm an above average person yet somehow I'm living the ultimate loser life. People say that you should just focus on your family but that's one of my greatest losses. I don't really have a family. If there is a judgment day and I'm judged by my works I will say what the hell did you want me to do you didn't give me anything to work with and you screwed me over at every opportunity. I spent my whole life in isolated anguish and desolation as people around me were given resources and community to work with. I tried but I never had a shot. I was set up for failure. I try to think what can I do to make my life have some net positive effect on the world because at this point I'm just so angry and bitter I feel like I'm making the world a worse place. I know in the grand scheme of things I really don't matter at all and very few people do. But at the very least I don't want to make things worse. *Mandatory disclaimer: my mental health is fine and I'm in no way suicidal I'm just thinking about life.
and Alex Jones is the good guy     (

submitted by Rayden to videos 6 days ago


No really I think he is that wasn't sarcasm.
Isn't the government just going to make cryptocurrency mining illegal?     (all)

submitted by Rayden to all 1 week ago


So as sure as we know the sky is blue we know that the government can never allow a competing currency. That's why they're already throwing shade on bitcoin by saying it's bad for the environment. People say bitcoin can't be shut down but I'm pretty sure if they made it illegal to mine bitcoin that would do the job. Isn't the government, and by the government I mean whoever it is that controls the money, just going to make mining bitcoin illegal?
This is exactly the kind of thing the anal receivers at reddit would lose their shit over but I won't even bother trying. It'll never be heard. Biden rolls back Trump insulin discount.     (

submitted by Rayden to news 1 week ago


MSM is basically trapped in a ponzi scheme of lies with respect to covid.     (TellVoat)

submitted by Rayden to TellVoat 1 week ago