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Anyone else tired of hearing from the Holocough jab sufferers?     (whatever)

submitted by YamaMaya to whatever 1 week ago


I for one am sick of hearing the moaning and groaning from all the retards now suffering "buyers remorse" because they didnt listen to the warnings about the demonic holocough vaccine. Look, by now there really is no excuse to accept that jab. You are going to drag us all to hell because ypu want to go on holiday, or you honestly believe pubs and clubs are going to be financially blessed to turn people away. You chose a cushy life over your own health and now Im supposed to feel bad when you have a stroke or bwcome a trembling mess? All the warning signs were there, the way they conducted the lockdowns, the constant demoralizing of people, the way they heralded the jab as the only way out. Threatening people into compliance all the way along and yet you still made the choice to have it. The fact that its shaky unreliable gene therapy should have tipped you off, but it didn't. The fact it was developed in mere months should have tipped ylu off, but it didn't. The ridiculous amount of severe reaction and death should have tipped you off but it didnt. At this point, I will no longer shed a single tear for anyone still stupid enough to get this jab. Im actually glad now every time a person who gets it does. One less retard on the earth.