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Member for: 1.9 years

scp: 8174 (+8672/-498)
ccp: 327 (+629/-302)
votes given: 1563 (+1319/-244)
score: 8501


Owner of:
QuotesToWakeWhites, activism, antiWhite, WhiteNationalism, WhiteSympatheticMedia, OurMedia, IdeasToSaveWhites, TheWhiteQuestion,
Mod of:
Submission statistics

This user has mostly submitted to the following subverses (showing top 5):

111 submissions to QuotesToWakeWhites
24 submissions to WhiteGenocide
16 submissions to Memes
15 submissions to Niggers
15 submissions to IdeasToSaveWhites
Voting habits

Submissions: This user has upvoted 899 and downvoted 74 submissions
Comments: This user has upvoted 420 and downvoted 170 comments