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Nigger Stole His Bike     (

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Friends Don't Let Friends Do Drugs     (

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r/socialism statistics     (

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HDL mass deleted their accounts in a Heaven's Gate like event yesterday     (all)

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11 of them deleted in an 18 minute window. I will not be bullied into changing the politics of the site. Freedom is and will continue to be the default choice in any issue that pops up. Not sure what you were expecting from a site created in's image. They were heavy contributors to the site, so let's try to pick up the slack.
Is it just me or embedded videos no longer play? original content     (AskVoat)

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Whatever your craft, be fanatical about it. original content     (

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Are we the smart ones or not?     (AskVoat)

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It is clear that the wealthiest, most powerful, and most politically well-connected people on earth have an agenda.

The goal appears to be to usher in a modern serfdom of sorts, where anyone who isn't them owns nothing, and obeys all of their whims.

If they were to stage a pandemic in order to vaccinate and kill off a massive chunk of the human population, the end result would be that only the most sleepy, obedient idiots would take the vaccine and die (or at least lose their ability to procreate).

What if the plan is to get these people vaccinated in preparation for the release of a real bioweapon which will kill anyone who isn't vaccinated. This would result in all of us freedom-loving, independent, free-thinking people dying, which would seem much more amenable to their end goals.

So I just wanted to get your take on these thoughts.
Ursula Haverbeck. Anyone know where this is from?     (

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Has not aged well.     (

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Memory Hole City
Race or Mongrel      (

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the original is still on jewtube miraculously
American senior operative, cultural interpreter, spokesman, and media advisor for the Islamic terrorist group al-Qaeda original content     (

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Four Healthy British Airways Pilots Die in One Week – Airline Says No Link to Covid-19 Vaccine      (

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Portland Police's Entire Rapid Response Riot Team Resigns After Officer Charged, Antifa Released     (

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Melbourne Chinaman murders wife, dumps body in landfill     (

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"Why Printing Trillions of Dollars May Not Cause Inflation"     (

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Police Union, Lax Oversight Allow Florida Cop To Survive Three Arrests And Seven Firings     (

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"Meet the Jews Who Own Hollywood and the Media" (WAPO has been sold since this post)     (

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If you are going to do something then do it well.     (

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1800s Easter Island: Jews married into island royalty & ruled while getting rich enslaving natives. One Jew led Gentile archaeological expeditions to the island.     (

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"In 1871 Alexander Jr had picked up rudimentary Rapanui from his hundreds of indentured Easter Island labourers at the Mahina coconut plantation on Tahiti.

Salmon served as the principal informant for the British and German archaeological expeditions to the island in 1882 and for the Americans in 1886, as guide, translator, and hotelier.

Cooke, surgeon of the USS Mohican, which dropped anchor in December 1886, said,[2]

Mr Salmon, who is guide, philosopher, and friend to these people, unites in his person (and being a giant in stature, he can well contain them) the duties of referee, arbiter, judge. They entertain the greatest respect for him; evince the utmost affection; look up to him as their master; go to him with all their troubles; refer to him all their disputes and grievances. His word is law, and his decisions final and undisputed.

The information Salmon provided, despite its often poor quality, is still among the most important of Easter Island's early historical period. "
"The author Herman Melville described him thus: “The lady he wedded being a near kinswoman of the queen, he became a permanent member of her majesty's household. This adventurer rose late, dressed theatrically in calico and trinkets, assumed a dictatorial tone in conversation, and was evidently on excellent terms with himself. We found him reclining on a mat, smoking a reed-pipe of tobacco, in the midst of an admiring circle of chiefs and ladies. He must have noticed our approach; but instead of rising and offering civilities, he went on talking and smoking, without even condescending to look at us.""
Full Page Ad in NYT (08/28/20): "We are Jewish organizations and synagogues from across the racial and political spectrum; from different streams of Judaism; whose members trace their lineages from countries around the world. We speak with one voice when we say, unequivocally: Black Lives Matter."     (

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Lovely hydrangeas growing at a friend's home original content     (

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Africans flying communist flags in protest to demand italian papers in Napoli      (

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2 Faced CNN In USA Heralds Biden Foreign Trip Victory to Americans, But CNN’s European Readers See: ‘Putin Got Exactly What He Wanted’     (

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Niggers on your back, the game!     (

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Fucking degenerates. These advertisers, promotors, game developers, (((etc))) all need to be tracked down and hanged. The miscegenation movement is fucking disgusting and I am sick if it. And is that a tranny or a soyboy, the sheboon is riding? Do these niggers burn, loot, and murder?

I might play this game if I could lynch niggers and jews in it. No, I still wouldn’t.
whatis critical race theory and how to fight it.     (

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