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Every time we hear about the "J6 stormed the capitol" we see the following photo..     (AskVoat)
submitted by prototype to AskVoat 5 hours ago (+6/-1)
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This is framed to look like a riot, but do you see what I see?

Those aren't torches lighting up the scene. And its not a fire, which is
what it is made to look like initially. The light is too bright
and uniform. It would have to be a bonfire that was fairly large, and the crowd
would be pretty much standing in it.

So whats backlighting this video of a supposed 'insurrection'?

Anyone notice something, odd?     (files.catbox.moe)
submitted by carnold03 to AskVoat 2 days ago (+17/-8)
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The painting is "Satan summoning his Legions", 1796-1797 by the late Sir Thomas Lawrence PRA (1769 - 1830). The photo to the right of the big bitch clad in copper is "Liberty Enlightening the World" or the Statue of Liberty by Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi. Why do they look so similar?
Do the Europeans have anything like Voat?      (AskVoat)
submitted by 3Whuurs to AskVoat 1 day ago (+5/-0)
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Anyone use wireless solar security cameras ?     (AskVoat)
submitted by AugustineOfHippo2 to AskVoat 2 days ago (+5/-0)
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Just looking for opinions on how well they work.
Anyone have one?
Pros, cons, etc?

this one has a separate NVR:

this one records directly to SD card in the camera:
You go back in time and meet your 18 year old self, but you're only allowed to say 3 words. What do you say?     (AskVoat)
submitted by Centaurus to AskVoat 5 days ago (+13/-0)
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Is "chud" supposed to be an insult?     (AskVoat)
submitted by 0rion to AskVoat 5 days ago (+7/-1)
25 comments last comment
I see people constantly throwing this term around, as if it's supposed to offend people. Whenever I see someone use it I cringe internally. Are people being ironic and making fun of it, or are they dead ass serious and think it's going to hurt someone's feelings? I truly do not understand.
Will Joe Reappear To Say, "I Told Ya So"?     (files.catbox.moe)
submitted by FreeinTX to AskVoat 1 week ago (+25/-0)
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Muh white supremacy threats.
Could we alter farside comics to create the jewside versions? I don't have an example yet     (AskVoat)
submitted by Doglegwarrior to AskVoat 6 days ago (+7/-0)
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What is your favorite George Floyd song?"     (AskVoat)
submitted by Centaurus to AskVoat 5 days ago (+5/-0)
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How do you combat someone like @honkymcniggerspic or jew shills? They kinda force you into their shill world     (AskVoat)
submitted by Doglegwarrior to AskVoat 1 day ago (+2/-3)
18 comments last comment
It almost always turns into a I know you are but what am I argument.

And they piss you off with their lies and Gas lighting so you eventually use emotional attacks and personal attacks.

So by the nature of of jew commie jdif tactics you end up using them as well.

With this guy honkymcniggerspic he is a gatekeeper he post a lot of good stuff I have commented before on his post that it was a good post. And then call him out for being a gatekeeping lying kike

My main difference the thing that separated me from him is that I'm willing to do a live debate under his terms and conditions with no doxing ... he imidietly attacks me deflects and makes excuses why he can't or won't. He actually doesn't make excuses more deflects.

My point being is how do you deal with someone you are 99% convinced is a gatekeeping shill using jdif tactics...

If the guy was real I don't even think the debate would go bad. I'd agree to disagree on Owen benjamin and get to talking about how jews are genociding whites globally
Does anyone believe a supposed 50 year old 6 goot 5 successful man with 5 kids would name himself honkymcniggerspic?     (AskVoat)
submitted by Doglegwarrior to AskVoat 1 day ago (+4/-5)
8 comments last comment
Then come on a site like this all the time and rant against a guy like Owen benjamin? And to top it off think posting reddit links to support his views would work here?

Then to constantly gas light people with lies and exaggerations?

Does any of this sound like something a 50 year old 6 foot 5 in shape conservative man would do?

@honkymcniggerspic is a jew pretending to be something he isn't if he was an old based dude with 5 kids who was on here for good intentions and truly believed Owen benjamin was a lying jew gifted he would debate me when I call3d him out multiple times. That's just what real men do when called a cowardly little jew bitch... but like the jew he is he will call me what he is and never debate honestly and fairly he will keep using jew jdif commie liberal tactics
When are you fucking dense inbreeds going to fucking learn that the whole motherfucking thing is a God damned puppet show and EVERYTHING that you think you know is a LIE and has been THEATER designed to deceive you?     (AskVoat)
submitted by Sleazy to AskVoat 1 week ago (+20/-10)
36 comments last comment
Everything is a lie

stop playing the game
Ok which user was this?     (twitter.com)
submitted by NukeAmerica to AskVoat 1 week ago (+6/-0)
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Is America and the world in some type of trance? Recap?     (AskVoat)
submitted by Doglegwarrior to AskVoat 1 week ago (+4/-0)
9 comments last comment
Everything we said had happend did happen!

The 2020 election was stolen
The 2016 election was also stolen from Bernie sanders by Hillary Clinton
The hunter lap top was real the entire time
Hillary Clinton had the Steele dosier created
January 6th was nothing compared to the 9 months of blm antifa
The plandemic was fake as fuck and planned
The vaxx jab kills people
The 2020 election had multiple laws broken to allow ballot harvesting
The plandemic happend so the election could be stolen

How is this being ignored? The border is being flooded for votes
Trans drag queen story hour for kids is fucking insane

And yet we just keep going along
Has any one ever seen @honkymcniggerspic promote anything positive? Or does he just shill gatekeep and post I'm a fellow whiteman?     (AskVoat)
submitted by Doglegwarrior to AskVoat 2 days ago (+1/-5)
1 comments last comment
I mean I've called this coward out multiple times. He won't debate me I'm an anon setting

Everything he does screams gate keeping shill glowniggsr and almost no one calls him out except me and maybe one other person.

Do the people running accounts like @honkymcniggerspic not understand how to fit in better or they just don't care and kee0ing real people reading to their insanity is the point?
Anyone else experiencing downed catbox links?     (AskVoat)
submitted by prototype to AskVoat 1 week ago (+3/-0)
7 comments last comment
Bakhmut Has Fallen     (youtu.be)
submitted by FreeinTX to AskVoat 1 week ago (+9/-1)
47 comments last comment

So, is Ukraine still winning?
How many acquaintances have you lost to oxy, fentynal and dope overdoses? We know about 20. Mostly because of oxy early 2000s      (AskVoat)
submitted by Chuckdeeds to AskVoat 1 week ago (+1/-0)
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In a very short time the BRICS Nation are going to form their own sort of banking system and I'm wondering how to invest in that because I think Federal reserve notes are on their way out     (AskVoat)
submitted by Crackinjokes to AskVoat 1 week ago (+6/-2)
6 comments last comment
Best provider for MREs?     (AskVoat)
submitted by prototype to AskVoat 1 week ago (+12/-0)
36 comments last comment
My primary concern is not price, but quality (I don't want meals going bad or tasting off). Morale is important and the reliability of supply is important.

Anyone have a good source or pros and cons of providers, I'd be grateful. Lot of advertisers, either using the same suppliers, or fly-by-night operations. Too many to sort through if you're not familiar already.

edit: I am however interested in bulk discounts, especially in the range of say 1 years supplies (@3500 calories a day per person), for say 15-20 people. If you know of providers that specialize in bulk I'd appreciate any leads.
People are either stupid? Evil or narrcicist? I can't figure it out...     (AskVoat)
submitted by Doglegwarrior to AskVoat 1 week ago (+2/-1)
17 comments last comment
I get stupid.. I even kinda understand narrcisist... but evil? I mean can a brain be wired to enjoy the suffering of others?

I mean we have evidence but it just doesn't make sense unless ya get biblical... but I don't trust the jew foundations of the Bible so now what?
Why Are We Risking It All For Ukraine?     (files.catbox.moe)
submitted by FreeinTX to AskVoat 1 week ago (+12/-3)
29 comments last comment
What are you going to gain, here? To risk everything? To what ends? Do you support the globalist agenda? Do you want a world government run by those in charge of the EU and US?

Any north Atlanta suburbs free of niggers?     (AskVoat)
submitted by bobdole9 to AskVoat 1 week ago (+5/-0)
32 comments last comment
I may or may not need to move to Georgia. Anywhere positive to consider?
Where's the Evidence?     (AskVoat)
submitted by beece to AskVoat 2 weeks ago (+18/-8)
50 comments last comment
Conspirologist posts quite a lot of good stuff, but he has been getting downvoated and slurs tossed his way. A few of the downvoats come right away, as if it's a program. It's as if "somebody" doesn't want him posting on Voat/Talk. I remember Boeniker, who was posting craploads of great memes, went through something similar a while back and then it stopped. 2 months back, this same article would have been 20 up, no downvoats if posted by conspirologist.

@system - have you looked at this? Is the downvoating artificially done or would you even have a way to determine if they were?

Here's one example, voats are 0 up, 7 down at this time. https://www.talk.lol/viewpost?postid=6465e7b34a3cb
Would you disown your child if they came out as gay?     (AskVoat)
submitted by NukeAmerica to AskVoat 1 week ago (+3/-0)
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