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Matar Judios     (files.catbox.moe)
submitted by FreeinTX to TellVoat 10 hours ago (+44/-0)
13 comments last comment
A Christian celebration.
Fuck, I hate interviewing     (files.catbox.moe)
submitted by lord_nougat to TellVoat 1 day ago (+60/-4)
30 comments last comment
I like to call the jews the 'foreign occupation government' when interacting with retards      (TellVoat)
submitted by Sleazy to TellVoat 2 days ago (+18/-0)
7 comments last comment
I love beer.     (TellVoat)
submitted by bosunmoon to TellVoat 2 days ago (+12/-1)
34 comments last comment
I spent yesterday sober, it was rough. I'm glad I'm not dead face down in a trench.
I think the joke forum sliding was due to me naming @honkymcniggerspic for posting reddit links     (TellVoat)
submitted by Doglegwarrior to TellVoat 9 hours ago (+6/-5)
3 comments last comment
He realized any old goats would know that no real goat would post reddit links to support a claim. Shit even posting a decent reddit link for any reason would get you made fun of.

@honkymcniggerspic is a glownigger kike jdif piece of shit liar.
Been driving and hit a couple traffic jams. Sto0 on a high way. Get up to where I think a wreck should be???     (TellVoat)
submitted by Doglegwarrior to TellVoat 2 days ago (+3/-0)
7 comments last comment
And nothing no wreck nothing not one reason why traffic should have slowed. I am assuming it was one idiot driver causing the problem.. I no joke would have no problem with an attack helicopter blowing that person to hell. It happend 3 times absolutely nothing to cause traffic to slow.
I spent 36 hours in Vegas on business.      (TellVoat)
submitted by TheOriginal1Icemonkey to TellVoat 1 week ago (+37/-2)
41 comments last comment
Went for a day and a half of product knowledge and sales training. The location was the World Marketplace so we stayed nearby at the Golden Nugget. It’s an old place, but nice, and with some good restaurants. Had a fine dinner at Vic and Anthony’s and then meandered through the casino. At one end is an entrance/exit onto “Fremont” street. Holy shit! Stepped out into what I can only describe as the absolute bowels of hell. Satanic/jewish debauchery at every turn. Half naked people with whips and chains. Drug addled street people. Sluts everywhere. Loud music and bright lights and just gross shit everywhere. We lasted about 14.88 seconds and headed back to our room.

Get to our room, which was nice, but it was rumbling and vibrating with the noise from that end-of-days hell that was going on below. I am sure that I will not be able to sleep through this crap, so we head down to the front counter with bags in-hand, I’m ready to go to the airport by the way and skip the whole second day of this shit. I was done. Wife gets us a comped two story luxury suite with all the shit, steam room, jacuzzi, bar, everything.

It was late and we were tired so off to bed, fuck it. The room was awesome, but it’s meant to party in and I was fucking tired.
I’ll tell you what though, Vegas is a shithole. I’m done with it. I used to like it, but no more for me.

It’s literally the perfect representation of jewish degeneracy thrust upon us for the destruction of western civilization. I will no longer participate.
Are you in a cult? The Cult Vault 101     (youtu.be)
submitted by HonkyMcNiggerSpic to TellVoat 1 day ago (+1/-0)

owen benjewin admittedly sucked his mommies tits until he was 8-9 years old.
Benjewin Side comics     (files.catbox.moe)
submitted by HonkyMcNiggerSpic to TellVoat 4 days ago (+9/-3)
11 comments last comment
Where / how / when did this fight start?     (TellVoat)
submitted by GrayDragon to TellVoat 4 hours ago (+2/-2)
21 comments last comment
We have @HonkyMcNiggerSpic versus @Doglegwarrior. Does any of this seem organic to you?

A one or two aspersions at each other and this turned into a full-blown warfare worse than me and Dangus?

Come on. It is the same account doing something for some reason. It is kikery.

JEWside comics have begun... first one I really liked and worked almost perfect...     (TellVoat)
submitted by Doglegwarrior to TellVoat 4 days ago (+12/-3)
19 comments last comment

Maybe the merchant gun? Grabbler blaster... kike or jew fit in well something about kike gun just sounded right.

Would like other people to get to work on the JEWside
Phone carriers blocking Catbox links     (TellVoat)
submitted by namefagsrgay to TellVoat 1 week ago (+36/-0)
23 comments last comment
I've been meaning to post this for a few months now, I've just been depressed and nothing seems to matter anymore.

But I suppose you should know and try testing your phone network.

I'm on Telus and any time I've tried sharing a link to catbox the text will not be received. Doesn't matter if it has text, an image attached, any reference to catbox makes the text not send. There is no notification or error, it appears to have sent. I've tried sending it to multiple people on different carriers, so it's likely Telus blocking the links.

Give it a shot. I noticed a few different services, like instagram, will refuse to share certain links and delete them from your chat history, but the legality of blocking texts seems a little different. I wonder if this is even legal...
Their is so much antisemitism just under the surface of almost everything     (TellVoat)
submitted by Doglegwarrior to TellVoat 3 days ago (+5/-3)
3 comments last comment
When you think of any war or discuss any war in America's history you are very close to being an anti semite when you understand every war has been a Jewish banker war. When you discuss the media in any negative way you are also very close to being a jew hater. If you look into the feminism and how it has destroyed women again you are treading on anti semite Jewish hate. If you look into the declining birth rates of whites again antisemitism is just under the surface... if you look into the abuse of women in porn and other industries again you might be a jew hater...

Shit if you look into anything negative happening to white Americans then you are probably a jew hating person.

I guess the Amish are not antisemites maybe.
This is not like old voat and not many old goats here. I called someone out for linking reddit links and he only got support     (TellVoat)
submitted by Doglegwarrior to TellVoat 9 hours ago (+4/-5)
20 comments last comment
No way in hell that happens on old voat
How to further bankrupt Transheiser Busch     (TellVoat)
submitted by AugustineOfHippo2 to TellVoat 3 days ago (+6/-5)
9 comments last comment
Buy up all the Bud Light at a major discount.
Then Transheiser Busch will think the boycott is over and brew more Bud Light.
Lastly, stop buying Bud Light when all the discounted cans are gone.
Now, Transheiser Busch is stuck with even more Bud Light it can't sell at profit.
Old VOAT vs. Voat.xyz     (TellVoat)
submitted by correctness to TellVoat 4 days ago (+9/-7)
30 comments last comment

This site don't have community feeling.

When biggest influencer after @system was booted no one cared.

Majority even celebrated "System flushed that annoying turd"

And you can feel how this changed big_fat_dangus Now he is just shadow of former self and his enthusiasm is gone.

Most time he's just passive aggressive catcalling Helena.

You niggers broken my guy. Shame on you.

So yeah this site is just site and all of you are just independent faggots not a goats.
I figured out why @honkymcniggerspic hates Owen benjamin so much.     (TellVoat)
submitted by Doglegwarrior to TellVoat 2 days ago (+6/-6)
24 comments last comment
He is a jew shill with a clipped dick and no family and no woman who loves him he has no one that takes him seriously or listens to him. He is a gamma that lies to himself he is most likely short and fat and a loser over all. So when you realize all that he sees Owen as a tall man with 4 sons and a community that is thriving

And that little short faggot kike just hates everything about that and to t9p it off Owen is encouraging other whites to get out of jew dent and have families it makes so much sense now why the fat Short kike

@honkymcniggerspic hates Owen so much
Will you fags stop publicly flirting with PostWallHelena!     (TellVoat)
submitted by AugustineOfHippo2 to TellVoat 6 days ago (+11/-5)
37 comments last comment
All this passive-aggressive sexual angst is mucking up the place.

Get a room already.
Thomas Rousseau Live Tonight 9:30 est     (nicecrew.digital)
submitted by FreeinTX to TellVoat 3 days ago (+1/-0)
1 comments last comment

Listen to him for once, before calling him a fed.
Clouds aren't fluffy. They're wet!     (TellVoat)
submitted by Sleazy to TellVoat 5 days ago (+4/-1)
4 comments last comment
@honkymcniggerspic accidently admitted to being a shill     (TellVoat)
submitted by Doglegwarrior to TellVoat 1 day ago (+2/-3)
11 comments last comment
So talking with this moron he says this to me in comments

"HonkyMcNiggerSpic 0 points 2 hours ago (+1/-0)

That's it!! Dance for me, bitch. fuckin jew loving retard."

Why are jew shills on voat? To gatekeep to push the jew agenda to promote white genocide to make places like this toxic...

And a big one is to try and waste people's time!!! Honkymcniggerdicksucker just basically admitted to being a jew shill. He is proud that he thinks he is wasting my time by saying dance for me.

I mean I don't have a 9 to 5 and my side job allows me plenty of free time so replying to a glownigger jew is not really that big of a time sink for me.

But I digress just funny seeing the kike accidentally admit to being a shill
Me entering the conversation after overhearing someone defend communism…     (files.catbox.moe)
submitted by 3Whuurs to TellVoat 4 days ago (+2/-1)
4 comments last comment
Holy shit! @honkymcniggerspic does it again! He links reddit to support his claims! What real old school voat goat would link reddit!     (TellVoat)
submitted by Doglegwarrior to TellVoat 21 hours ago (+4/-7)
13 comments last comment
If that is not blatant proof he is a fraud I do not know what is... linking a reddit link to shit on it or make fun of it is frowned upon even any reddit link.

But this stupid jdif glownigger proudly post a reddit link to strengthen his argument!

The old voat goats would never have fallen for that shit
I'm emotionposting, fuck you     (TellVoat)
submitted by Her0n to TellVoat 1 week ago (+36/-2)
67 comments last comment
My son hugged and kissed me today unprompted. I cried tears of happiness, contentedness, joy, and exuberance.

Being a father is so amazing and I can't believe I almost passed this up when I was younger (I almost got a vasectomy).

Goats, if you can, have children. Have as many as your wife can handle pushing out for you.

It's worth everything this world throws at you.


We need a fatherhood sub, but I don't know how involved moderating is and don't want to promise what I can't maintain.
The Emperor recommends that you stop funding the current political theater     (TellVoat)
submitted by TheEmperor to TellVoat 1 week ago (+9/-5)
3 comments last comment
The current regime operates on the fruit of your labor. Theft and compulsory tax are not tolerated in the Last Empire.
If your risk tolerance is sufficient, end your contribution to the criminal regime that claims to rule you.