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Tensions Rise As G7 Attendees Accidentally Refer To Justin Trudeau Using Masculine Pronouns     (

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Since nobody know wtf Juneteenth is we have a rare opportunity to define it for the masses. Whenever anyone asks what it’s for tell them it celebrates Black Father's Day. Then watch the magic happen as NPCs eventually work through the logic and implications.     (whatever)

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Asians Subdue a Rampaging Sheboon     (

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10 year old article about FBI creating terror plots and mass shooting plots and entrapping people.     (

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The one that taught me about "every time" original content     (

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His spirit lives on in us. Let's not disappoint.
Does burnout on street paint, goes to jail.     (

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Strange_Coincidences: Making a difference original content     (

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[Nigger fatigue] Atlanta suburb files papers to become it's own city     (

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Storytime     (

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Overwhelmed Hospitals     (

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Maybe these choreographed dancing nurse videos on tiktok weren't as widely seen as I thought, because when I bring it up now, people don't really believe me. Could just be that the programming runs deep.
Juneteenth      (whatever)

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So from what can tell Juneteenth is a day to celebrate all the brave white men who bravely and naively fought to free the slaves from the jews. Is that about right?
fucking treason     (

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Juneteenth is for niggers to celebrate because they were sad they didn't get to celebrate Father's Day.     (all)

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Way to fuckin' steal Father's Day weekend
sizzling hot chick     (

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Juneteenth, the true reason     (

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Are Your Ready for Climate Lockdowns?     (

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This guy is doing work, I cant believe this is not a larp, If its a larp its brilliant, If not its peak clown world     (

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r/socialism statistics     (

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Nigger Stole His Bike     (

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Friends Don't Let Friends Do Drugs     (

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they REALLY dont like it when one of their own tells them difficult truths. good for you, milo.     (

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HDL mass deleted their accounts in a Heaven's Gate like event yesterday     (all)

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11 of them deleted in an 18 minute window. I will not be bullied into changing the politics of the site. Freedom is and will continue to be the default choice in any issue that pops up. Not sure what you were expecting from a site created in's image. They were heavy contributors to the site, so let's try to pick up the slack.
Are we the smart ones or not?     (AskVoat)

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It is clear that the wealthiest, most powerful, and most politically well-connected people on earth have an agenda.

The goal appears to be to usher in a modern serfdom of sorts, where anyone who isn't them owns nothing, and obeys all of their whims.

If they were to stage a pandemic in order to vaccinate and kill off a massive chunk of the human population, the end result would be that only the most sleepy, obedient idiots would take the vaccine and die (or at least lose their ability to procreate).

What if the plan is to get these people vaccinated in preparation for the release of a real bioweapon which will kill anyone who isn't vaccinated. This would result in all of us freedom-loving, independent, free-thinking people dying, which would seem much more amenable to their end goals.

So I just wanted to get your take on these thoughts.
Ursula Haverbeck. Anyone know where this is from?     (

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Whatever your craft, be fanatical about it. original content     (

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