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If it comes to a civil war, let's just form small militias and kick some ass...and not unite under a Robert. E Lee or Adolf Hitler to screw us all over...just small militias 150 max and do what is right. God bless.     (all)

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Fat people hate kind of rebuttal     (all)

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I posted multiple time before in here, poal, and other places. Not everyone can be a fitness pro, and sometimes legitimate genetic health issues come into play.

Tonight I took a header into the rear bumper of my car in the garage. I have about a 3/4" gash on my right eye orbital area.

I have a medical condition, Stills Disease, basically an auto-immune disease where my body attacks my muscle and tendons. I've been trying to get into shape, and riding my bike 4 miles a day 3 times a week or more if I can. I'm trying best I can to get more fit, and more a man...

but alas I fail mostly. Many times working on heavy labor around my home I've had to stop. Literally seeing spots, tunnel vision, then almost passing out. After working that hard I usually have to take a week or more off any physical activities.

Over the past months my best friend and I built a new retaining wall. I lost count at 30 wheelbarrow loads of back-fill, and no count of the bricks manually carried. All that labor sent me into multiple times of seeing stars, tunnel vision, and stopping work for a good 30 minute break.

I went all-out tonight trying to be more fitness orientated, as I'm done with the wall build, and need to be not a fat slob. I literally have been working on this fore a year now, even in the horrific shape I am currently in.

So tonight I rode almost 5 miles. On the ride back there is a large uphill area. I pushed at it, and came down the last part, then in my driveway literally saw spots, then stars. I took a full header into the back bumper of my car in the garage. I have about a 3/4" gash on my right temple, and it is closed with liquid band-aid.

Sometimes people trying to get fit fail, and fail miserably. I'll try again, but for all you fit guys know that not everyone can achieve your status. Sometimes it is genetic, and sometimes it is not my own fault.
(((((Indoctrination)))))     (

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Find Sodomy Supporters on Yelp     (

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Anon exposes (((Hershey's))) chocolate.     (

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the McCloskey's were charged and they didn't do a single fucking thing illegal     (

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"You're in the Oven Now"     (

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Asians Are Number Two on the Woke Hate List     (

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Subhuman Assaults an 82-Year-Old Man     (

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A heartless negroid punched an 82-year-old stranger in the head and then ripped off the man’s cane inside a Lower East Side bodega.
Branded like cattle      (

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Is it now acceptable to see videos shot vertically?      (all)

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I almost always use a phone now.
VIDEO: Gab CEO Andrew Torba Lays Out Case For Why Big Tech Darling (((Ben Shapiro))) Is 'Controlled Opposition'     (

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"What's happening is Facebook is artificially boosting Ben Shapiro and other establishment-approved talking into Facebook news feeds of people who do not engage with their content and do not follow their pages."

June 17, 2021

In a video posted to the free speech video sharing platform Gab TV this week, Gab CEO Andrew Torba laid out the case for why many experts believe neoconservative political commentator Ben Shapiro is “controlled opposition,” or receiving promotion from left-wing Big Tech companies because the policies he advocates for are reportedly in alignment with oligarchical interests.
"The FBI’s Role in the Jan. 6 Capitol Fracas Is Absolutely Disgusting"     (

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I believe this is the truth. But hope is not lost.      (

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The titanic is sinking. But there is plenty of room on the lifeboat. I have watched ben davidson for years, and I have been expecting this news (or something very similar) for over 10 years.
Dylann Roof Manifesto MP3     (

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DON'T... TELL... ANYONE!!!     (whatever)

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A San Antonio man was arrested after he sent threatening emails to his local church talking about killing Democrats. How many times do I have to tell you patriots? When you cannot take it anymore, and you feel that it is time for you to become a man of action, DO NOT TELL ANYONE. Not your wife, your mother, not even your best friend. Not anyone!

Just go do what you feel that you have got to do, and we will see you in Valhalla with all the other legendary heroes of righteousness.
What are the odds of firing into a crowd of Antifa and 3 out of 3 shots hit jews?     (

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Demonstrate that you actually possess a theory of mind about yourself and/or others.     (whatever)

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Why does a bug spray need a race mixing family for a commercial      (

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Peko-chan     (

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The new Voat design is garbage, bring the old one back @system      (TellVoat)

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Lori Lightfoot [ Mayor of Chicago] declares racism a public health crisis and allocates $10M of COVID funding to fight it - weeks after she refused to be interviewed by white reporters     (

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Females, think very carefully before you decide to have a little goat.     (

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So you like posting porn, huh?      (

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Now we know which side you're on.