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guise, Dogshitsniffer is one of us goats     (AnonWhatever)
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HonkyMcniggerspic is a shill bot paid for by JDIF! Look how many upvotes he gets!! Why can't I get upvotes like this sadface.webp

Owen is a good guy and a farmer and we all need to listen to him and have white babies. We can pay him $400 and become part of Beartaria and this will piss the jews off! We can't literally go to Beartaria but Beartaria is in all of our hearts! Owen will lead us to victory! Honkymcniggerspic says that owen is jewish but it doesn't matter.
Welcome to the Memorial Day Holiday Weekend edition of the Friday Night Guitar Thread! We got some music to drink to, or grill to, or just listen to, and we would sure love to hear you play some music and share it with us as well. Any skill level is welcome. Any instrument. Lets celebrate!     (Guitar)
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Once again, it's time for the FNGT!

If you don't know how this works, click this link. That link will take you to another site to give you some additional information and tell you about some of our off-site features. That's also the site where we will host the weekly guitar threads, should Talk.lol go down.

NOTE: That site is by invitation only. If you want an invite, ask a regular participant (such as @theRealBuddha or myself)

If you already know what's going on, you probably don't need to click any of those links. You can still visit to see if any changes have been made, as that's also where we kept the archives and have a second forum.

By the way, we're down to just two of us. If you want to help, let us know.
con77 braces for pride month     (files.catbox.moe)
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Japan is tired of this nigger     (twitter.com)
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Investment ad from 1996 is... spot on.     (files.catbox.moe)
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Cars BANNED from cities 😳(coming to a city near you,here in miami the mayor is also promoting this policy)     (www.youtube.com)
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My negro fatigue was peaking already today, almost critical, and then I walked outside into my gated community and niggers are moving in. One of them is parked crooked in a spot that is not his smoking a blunt for the past 2 hours. They're looking at me like what's my problem. This might be the end     (Niggers)
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dangus going on a Stalin-esque censoring streak after making false accusations     (files.catbox.moe)
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I thought I remember someone complaining about censorship...
Uh oh...JewsAgainstSoros.com     (jewsagainstsoros.com)
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Nothing brings people together like opposing the embodiment of evil.
Calling out time wasting faggot kike goofs @dangus @graydragon Shit, Did i just Repeat Myself?     (all)
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Hang yourself.

kike faggot goof.
Matar Judios     (files.catbox.moe)
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A Christian celebration.
An FBI surveillance plane has been circling West Baltimore     (archive.is)
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Performance Punishment     (files.catbox.moe)
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Fighting over Soap Boxes     (files.catbox.moe)
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A bit rough around the edges. Not my best work. But you get the idea.

Mirror: https://pomf2.lain.la/f/1xbpsjip.png
We didn’t start the fire     (files.catbox.moe)
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Twitter mirror:

Every time we hear about the "J6 stormed the capitol" we see the following photo..     (AskVoat)
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This is framed to look like a riot, but do you see what I see?

Those aren't torches lighting up the scene. And its not a fire, which is
what it is made to look like initially. The light is too bright
and uniform. It would have to be a bonfire that was fairly large, and the crowd
would be pretty much standing in it.

So whats backlighting this video of a supposed 'insurrection'?

This is not like old voat and not many old goats here. I called someone out for linking reddit links and he only got support     (TellVoat)
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No way in hell that happens on old voat
Very rare white woman W     (files.catbox.moe)
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What is the actual present population of Whites?      (all)
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Warning... Seems like New joke subs are being created and spamming (forum sliding?).     (whatever)
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We hear about "successful" black men who appear tame quite often chimping out and going on murder sprees. OJ Simpson is the biggest example of this.     (whatever)
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All niggers are the same and have a potential to chimp out
Hey All! Love You. New Subverse. v/SoapBoxBanHamner.     (NewSubIntro)
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Where all the non-faggots hang out.
con77 at pride night in Dodgers stadium     (WhiteBoySummer)
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(my minds eye) [sorry niggers. something you cant comprehend] me. chasing down trannys dressed as nuns hacking them with a sword while 30,000 Dodgers fans scream in horror and glee!
A Nig and a Nog take flight.     (files.catbox.moe)
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"Why do you want property and a family for anyway?" ~ The Australian government     (files.catbox.moe)
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RBA Chief

Mr Lowe also warned Senate estimates on Wednesday that rising rents and house prices "may not be within the realm" of the federal government's control due to strong population growth.

The government has "no control" over increasing migration from 100K p/annum to 650K+ p/a. Now with the Narendra Modi agreement, the govt apparently has no control over an infinite amount of curry munchers under the age of 35 being able to flood Australia.

Does the Australian government even protect and serve Australia these last 15 years?

Migration needs to be halted immediately and 500,000 homes needs to be built forthwith.