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RNGesus has chosen a color for you     (announcements)
submitted by system to announcements 7 months ago (+29/-0)
36 comments last comment
You can switch it off if you prefer. Click the brush next to the light bulb to toggle it.

You can't pick your color (yet) but you can change it to a random color every 24 hours by typing /color into chat.
@lord_nougat and @SparklingWiggle are officially mods     (announcements)
submitted by system to announcements 1.3 years ago (+13/-3)
82 comments last comment
You now have 3 people to reach out to if needed. Just to be clear, they do not have access to the database or IP address information but they can suspend, set rate limits to users, and delete content when needed. As always I will still be around and can be reached via PM.
Chat now has a 1 point requirement     (announcements)
submitted by system to announcements 1.5 years ago (+13/-0)
19 comments last comment
Get 10 FREE scp when you make a post to /v/introductions     (www.talk.lol)
submitted by system to announcements 1.6 years ago (+0/-0)
2 comments last comment
Halloween theme is live     (announcements)
submitted by system to announcements 1.6 years ago (+35/-0)
17 comments last comment
This applies to the default talk.lol theme, not voat mode. I'd like to do one for each holiday (don't mark my words). The site will go back to default when the holiday is over.
Talk.lol/Voat.xyz is 1 month old     (announcements)
submitted by system to announcements 2.2 years ago (+46/-0)
27 comments last comment
Hey guys

We've made it to day 30. I am very proud with how things have turned out so far. This community has been great. Lots of great posters from old voat have come over and this place is starting to feel a bit like our old home. I appreciate all of you who contribute and keep this place alive.

Traffic is really starting to pick up. We are consistently getting over 2k+ unique viewers a day, and approaching 1 million requests per day. But I am starting to notice some slow down again, so next week I plan to work on optimizing everything, and changing how comments load to be similar to other similar sites. This should reduce the load on the server and speed things up. In the meantime here are some stats:

In 30 days

858 accounts have been registered

3397 topics have been posted

16089 comments have been posted

43242 votes have been cast

233 subverses created

Looking forward to the next 11 months and hitting that 1 year mark. That will be the next time I update these stats. See you then :D
This site needs more diversity     (www.voat.xyz)
submitted by system to announcements 2.2 years ago (+30/-7)
60 comments last comment

Today it dawned on me. This site needs more diversity. Click the link to make this site better, smarter, faster and stronger with more diversity. Thank you for doing your part.
Cynabuns is now a global mod     (announcements)
submitted by system to announcements 2.2 years ago (+24/-0)
23 comments last comment
I know you guys dislike the idea of mods, but I am the complete opposite of AOU, micromanaging is not my thing. I like Puttitouts approach to running a site, stay the hell out of affairs and just keep the place running. Not having to constantly check just to make sure things are running correctly would be nice.

I dont think anyone will have a problem with Cynabuns. They have proven themselves a good and reasonable moderator imo.
I am going to consider 1 or 2 others that have reached out to me. Post deletion logs will be implemented in the next day or so.
Had to restore from backup     (announcements)
submitted by system to announcements 2.2 years ago (+47/-0)
38 comments last comment
Got hit again last night by that faggot on searchvoat forum. Registered hundreds of accounts and ruined vote counts. I was able to restore most stuff but some things might be missing. Some restored posts might display inaccurate times. Will add the ability to see time stamp soon. Registration will be opened/closed depending on my ability to monitor it.
It's been one week since the site launched     (announcements)
submitted by system to announcements 2.2 years ago (+34/-0)
40 comments last comment
Hey guys.

We've officially been online for over a week. I just want to thank you all for checking out the site. I had no idea what would happen after launch. Things were rough for the first few days, a couple critical issues, but I got them ironed out and things have been pretty smooth for the most part. I know there is a lot of other issues to address, particularly in ux/ui department. I hope to get to them all in the next month or two.

I think this new site has a bright future. One of the major advantages imo is the fact it was written in php. People talk shit about it, but it's easier to deploy, brings hosting costs down, makes it easier to find a host (if need be). It just made sense for this project, and I think it will be a lot more resilient than voat was. But time will tell.

Now for some stats

Since launch 1 week ago

923 accounts have been registered
796 topics have been posted
2813 comments have been posted
6644 votes have been cast
0 users banned
0 requests for information from glow niggers as of 3/5/2021

Thanks for giving the site a chance. I hope we can keep this community together and rebuild what was lost. Best people on the internet imo.
Introducing my site - A new voat clone      (announcements)
submitted by system to announcements 2.3 years ago (+69/-0)
241 comments last comment
Hey guys. I think it's time to show you what I've been working on. When I heard the news that voat was going down I was kind of indifferent. Yeah it sucked, but I'll move on I thought. I guess we all kind of expected it... I assumed poal would become our new home and we all would go on our merry way continuing our fierce momentum. Unfortunately (at the time) that was not the case. Fortunately (now) that was not the case... because I built us a new voat! It's not perfect but I tried to imitate the look and feel we all know and love (dark mode only atm).

The name of the site actually isn't voat. The name is... Talk.Lol, because that's the domain. www.talk.lol. I discovered the domain about a year ago. Back then I was going to use it to create a dissenter-like web site where you could comment on other websites. I never launced it but ever since then I wanted to buy it. This was the perfect excuse to. So that will be the site's name. Talk.lol, I like it. But here's the catch. I also registered voat.xyz. Both domains will point to the same site, but each one will use their own logo, and might look a bit different. Talk.lol will not display content from subs marked NSFW. Voat.xyz does not filter nsfw content. Other differences might come in the future. But other than that they are identical and you can register on either one and it will work on both. The reason for setting things up this way is to make a clear distinction that this is a new site, under a new admin. Plus it takes the heat off in a way. So talk.lol is the site's main domain and is the name of the site in general, and voat.xyz is a portal to access talk.lol which displays content from subs marked nsfw and uses a 'voat skin'.

Some features are missing, like collapsing comments block features, and text format options and some others. These will come in time. I might not be aware of a certain feature missing, so feel free to let me know. You might also run into bugs, please report and I'll get it fixed. You can use /v/talkloldev or /v/voatdev. I will be going by a different username on my posting account, but haven't figured what that will be though. In the mean time I will use username admin or system.

I opted for a modest host. I have no idea how it will handle the load of traffic or our freespeech policy. This is an alpha launch so expect problems.

The rules are simple

1. No posting of illegal content.
2. No doxing members of the site
3. No spamming
4. No stealing people's old voat usernames.
5. Previous sub owners have the rights to sub ownership if they can prove they owned it on old voat.

I plan to wipe all unbanned ips from the database every week or 2 as a security precaution.

Old voat is dead and gone but I hope we can rebuild some of what it was.

Welcome ! Lets talk! lol!! ;)
I told you there would be problems     (announcements)
submitted by system to announcements 2.3 years ago (+14/-0)
21 comments last comment
Hey guys. We're back.

Sorry about the extended downtown, just couldn't deal with all the issues that were going on at the moment. I had some time to sit down and look at everything. Turns out there was a mistake in the code which allowed someone to abuse voting. Should be all good now. I also programmed in some safety measures and things to help prevent abuse from happening again. But this will be an ongoing problem that I will have to get used to dealing with. I hate putting post limits on things, and using captchas. But I might have to. We'll see how things play out.

I restored the database from a backup, so a bunch of posts and user accounts will be gone, sorry! I'm still getting used to all this.