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Community for : 2.3 years

The Official Sub for Introductions
Welcome New Talk Goat! Please feel free to introduce yourself to the community with a Discuss post. How you got here, where you came from, why you're here, whatever... it's nice to get to know you. Making a post and commenting is a great way to build up the points you'll need going forward

The site was created by "System" on 2021-02-26 in honor of voat.co, one of the last places for free speech on the web, and as a way to regroup that community after shuttering on 2020-12-25. The goal here is to allow for just about everything that's legal in the USA, just like the original voat. We do have a few simple rules here though, please take a moment to check these out.

This site, Talk.lol, has a twin-sister site, Voat.xyz; while the content and your submissions and comments are absolutely identical, you will need to be signed into both to move back and forth freely.

Some FYI's:
There are two kinds of points: Comment Contribution Points (CCP) and Submission Contribution Points (SCP). CCP's are earned from your fellow goats when you make comments and are up/down voted; SCP's is the same but refer to your Discuss or Link submission posts.

As a new goat, you will need 10CCP to create a Link post and any 10 pts total to upvote, so start on the site with Discuss posts and then make comments, you'll find that many here agree with your thoughts or enjoy some adversarial conversation. Vote as you wish, you can upvote 2x times as you can downvote, but you will need at least 25CCP to cast a downvote. Downvoted content is just a reflection of others' opinions, low numbers won't stop you from posting or commenting here.

There are tons of subverses where you can post/comment and the list grows everyday, Explore Talk, with v/whatever being a catch-all place to post. We have a few subs here that do have rules/guidelines so be sure to check the sub's sidebar for these.

In the top bar of the site, up towards the left, All is now a drop-down and gives you options for viewing the site. Subscribed shows you to all the posts for every subverse you've subscribed to, so you see only what you want when you want it, check out the other viewing options too. Don't see a sub to suit your needs, create one after you reach the 50CCP threshold! Viewing v/All here will show you every post from every sub no holds barred (unless you've excluded viewing some content, see below). Many users enjoy surfing the site sorting by New, this feature will also sort posts in any sub on the site too.

Visit your Profile Page to upload an avatar by clicking on your username! Here too you can access Account Options, tools that allow you to customize the site, from shutting off Adult-oriented posts to listening to the Chat window via text-to-speech to allowing YouTube links to embed. More options are added as we grow so check back to see what new options might be available.

Talk is often a free-wheeling place and there are times when you'd prefer not to see certain content, that's cool. In addition to customizing your views in Account Options, you may also Hide a post, Block a User, or even Block a Subverse should you so desire.

Found a bug? Look to see if someone else has reported it or make a post as needed in v/TalkDev.

Have an idea for the site? Check out v/IdeasForTalk and start a new post or comment in an existing post!

As a new site, there's still some growing and learning going on but we hope you like what you see and want to make us a daily stop.
Join us, Goats have all the fun -- MaaaaaLOL! :)

Owner: system


Get 10 FREE scp when you make a post to /v/introductions     (Introductions)
submitted by system to Introductions 1.6 years ago (+15/-9)
57 comments last comment
Breaking the ice can be a bit difficult sometimes. This doesn't change that, but when you make a new post to /v/introductions your account will receive 10 free scp! This will enable you to upvote content and is big boost towards being able to downvote the content and people you hate. One per account only.

Content is not necessary, however a short paragraph on anything about you or how you found this site/og voat/left reddit/ etc would be nice.

Limited time only! (maybe, depending on if people find a way to abuse it)


Checking back in     (introductions)
submitted by TheOriginal1Icemonkey to introductions 1 month ago (+12/-0)
19 comments last comment
Yes, it’s me. White Power!
I’m back     (introductions)
submitted by Trope to introductions 1 month ago (+6/-0)
10 comments last comment
Seldom posted to the old Voat. Here to remind you that ruminant animals are the best source of nutrition. Always eat your beef and beef liver. Salt to taste.
Hello you beautiful miserable cunts      (introductions)
submitted by LydiaFar to introductions 1 month ago (+31/-4)
70 comments last comment
I’m a former voat lurker, first time poster and miss all you delightful Incels, cucks and freaks. Which one of you is this penis obsessed weirdo: https://kenoshacountyeye.com/2023/01/17/jensen-trial-day-6-penis-is-the-word/

I am a vagina American - maybe the only one here? - and really just missed the fucking show, weird prepped gardening tips, urea firecracker recipes and CIA agent fat-hating shitlords. There are no forums for this kind of fuckery anymore. Dick slaps for all you freckled dumbass FBI bait code monkeys who patched this shit together.
hello fellow shitposters, knightwarrior41 is being put to sleep this shall be my new handy the same that i had on zerohedge      (introductions)
submitted by dosvydanya_freedomz to introductions 1 month ago (+13/-2)
6 comments last comment
i could just keep it to myself but i think its good to share the news the change with the people here. from now on i'm gonna be posting under this new handy because quite frankly the knightwarrior thingy was too spergy plus this one is apropos for what its happening in current year.

dont care for the loss of the upvoats.meh 👀
Didn't properly introduce myself post old-Voat     (introductions)
submitted by totalniggerdeath to introductions 2 months ago (+13/-4)
15 comments last comment
I used to be "foltaisaprovenshill" on old-Voat which was a reference to some fucking kike "academic" who shilled for (((Monsanto))) and was proven to have taken $25k to spew their kike talking points about Roundup (I swear to fucking god if some kike pops up shilling that shit, I will fucking LOSE IT because I've spent years tracking and disrupting these Monsanto kikes - ask me how, fun stories).

I haven't been very active on here because I mostly lurk.


Love you niggerfaggots.
Non-participating lurker paracite     (introductions)
submitted by totalitariat to introductions 2 months ago (+14/-0)
36 comments last comment
I haven't had an account since voat.co and missed the registration to searchvote.co when all that went down. I've mostly just lurked, but that makes me a serial nonparticipating parasite while everyone else is finding good links, sharing opinions, and shitting on each other with the voat immune system. So I'm off my lazy ass and I'll participate. I like to post linux shit, raspberrypi tutorial links that I'll never bother myself to do on my pi, and political shit that everyone already knows about. Also guns, radios, and prepper/guerrilla stuff. Oh, I came here with the MDE crowd from reddit when all that went down. Fun times, even if Sam's a clown.
Chuck here. I like this place a lot. Not a jew. Not lenient. Not in any way swarthy. What else... Said I'm not a jew, not gay, oh and I don't work for the government.      (introductions)
submitted by Chuckdeeds to introductions 2 months ago (+26/-1)
83 comments last comment
All in all I don't think I believe anything that isn't true. I'm not part of any cult and I don't think I talk like anyone else. Not saying I'm original or even good but I wouldn't trade places with anyone.

I would like to be able to comment on things.

I'm starting to work with metal. Today I made this gay little wind chime out of bullshit.
Hello Fellow Far Right     (introductions)
submitted by salviaperson to introductions 3 months ago (+56/-0)
99 comments last comment
I live in the cucked island known as the UK. We were once called English but even this is now considered racist to identify with the St. Georges Cross. So British it is. That's cool. Irish, Scottish and Welsh are my brethren and there is little to distinguish between us for the last thousand years. However... Being told brown skinned immigrants are as English as me and my native ancestry boils my piss and my kids now know we are at war. I have loved the reassurance provided to me by lurking on Voat for so long. Please let me now repay this spiritual dept I have incurred to your good selves with resounding vigor. We must prevail or else all is lost.
Hello niggerfaggots. Not really new but I changed my name from allahead to allAheadFull because apparently some people thought I was muslim or something.      (introductions)
submitted by allAheadFull to introductions 3 months ago (+31/-2)
41 comments last comment
Didn't really want to change it since I had it on old voat but whatever it wasn't worth the confusion.
\Ω Hoire a chàirdean (Hail, friends)      (introductions)
submitted by anrach to introductions 4 months ago (+7/-0)
32 comments last comment
~on voat
~end up on poal during the time of troubles
~after 2 years there with no drama whatsoever, paranoid/power-tripping admin zeroes account and says fuck off to "fakevoat"
~here I am

So yeah. Hoping it's somewhat less premenstrual around here. Looks good so far.
Hi Friends .. I am an old trouper from Voat1 and before that Reddit [where I was banned absolutely] I thought it was about time I graced this place with my presence .. so here I am :)     (introductions)
submitted by RexYehudi to introductions 5 months ago (+4/-8)
22 comments last comment
Howdy ..
Hello everyone     (introductions)
submitted by Whitehotsun to introductions 5 months ago (+8/-4)
21 comments last comment
I discovered voat via 4chan/pol.
Pol is overwhelmed by disgusting "glowniggers".
Flushed with crap fuck that site.
My work and hobbies are things that i do.

And whatever i type on this site,past,present,future is to be understood as satire. Fu fbi.
Goes for everything i ever said on the internet.

Let me smile and you get my vote.


Ps. No matter how Natsee you think you are, if your a christian you'l always be cucked to the bone!
Came from     (introductions)
submitted by GermaniacPride to introductions 5 months ago (+2/-2)
4 comments last comment
Hey all, I'm new here     (introductions)
submitted by carlanpsg to introductions 5 months ago (+12/-12)
23 comments last comment
I'm into hobbiest programming, hiking, and noticing things. I've mostly been on communities but it feels like it's stagnating. Checked out saidit, it never updates posts and is boring. IDK, maybe this is my home for looking at shit before going to work.
oy vey original content     (introductions)
submitted by oyveyo to introductions 6 months ago (+6/-1)
24 comments last comment
First post.

Just banned from poal for noticing


I was iForgotmypassword, and before that I was FuckSnowflakes

I was on voat before that and I can't even remember my handle

hey umm i made an account, i had 10 points... now im back zero what gives?     (introductions)
submitted by twenty5 to introductions 5 months ago (+2/-15)
13 comments last comment
yo i be like ye yall, but i white flava ... ladies lick me, hel yeah     (introductions)
submitted by twenty5 to introductions 5 months ago (+1/-17)
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Alright Ladies     (introductions)
submitted by MightyMorphinFaggot to introductions 6 months ago (+0/-5)
9 comments last comment
How's it going?
hi i hate niggers, chance are you a nigger. dont nigger around me you will just fine....nigger     (introductions)
submitted by emancipator to introductions 7 months ago (+0/-7)
16 comments last comment
Just in case I wasn't clear enough!     (introductions)
submitted by GeneralDisarray to introductions 8 months ago (+2/-6)
10 comments last comment
Ok guys.

You should have picked up that I'm a scot living in Canada if you gave a crap about what I have wrote here. But for the other 90% of you I have a declaration and a promise that I would like to declare for all.

I want to be the executioner!

I will be offering a bulk discount on all the masons!!

I don't want to wear the mask!, I want everyone to know it was me!!!

I have been gangstalked for decades and I can honestly tell you all that it has given me a bloodthirsty motivation to punish these elitists to the extreme.

I know you are all frustrated and disgusted at the shit you have experienced. And I feel your pain. So what better way of healing than seeing your abusers getting fancy new cunts stabbed into them by someone with a compelling motive and enthusiastic rage.

I'm here for you brothers.

I can be that surgeon of justice you seek. Screaming and stabbing until the pedophiles have taken early retirement.

Together we can create a new world.

We can burn pedophiles at the stake to our god until we make this our reality. I honestly don't care which god that is at this point. It's the pedo burning that will open the doors of heaven for us all.

So who here is with me.

The bulk discount stands. Masons go first.
Oldfag with new name     (introductions)
submitted by lastlist to introductions 10 months ago (+4/-0)
17 comments last comment
Was lurking here from time to time on another account. This place has a similar feel to voat. I will participate and contribute.

Greetings, Fedposters. original content     (introductions)
submitted by webofslime to introductions 10 months ago (+5/-2)
9 comments last comment

Can one of your resident Mossad operatives confirm that Jared Kushner is an Israeli spy?


Asking for a friend.
Test     (introductions)
submitted by MasterSuppressionTechnique to introductions 10 months ago (+1/-4)
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I'm back     (introductions)
submitted by Reawakened to introductions 10 months ago (+5/-0)
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Did you miss me?

Fuck all you niggerfaggots glowies and baby dick blowes.
I'm outlaw. I shoot bows n sheeit. I also write poetry sometimes.     (introductions)
submitted by outlaw to introductions 11 months ago (+9/-3)
18 comments last comment
"kick rocks"
wagie, wagie
you're a slavey
work all day
have a wife yet?
took your shot
can't have a baby
for 13 dollars
blue hair, crazy.
heart attack, fat as shit, stupid, lazy.
cut your balls off, still not a lady
dress in drag, heres your hormone rations
suicide is the latest fashion
welcome to the neoliberal nation
spread em for a million haitains
playing games and smoking dope
abortions banned, seeth with rope
try to loot at riots, nope
concealed carry passed, wheres your hope?
AR-15 took your skateboard dreams
biceps lean, your cremation wasn't 'green'