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Community for : 3 months

Owner: MrGoat


Howdy HeadButtin Faggots     (introductions)

submitted by MyDogPeesOnYourLawn to introductions 1 week ago (+0/-6)

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Well hello there boys and girls. Mydogpeesonyourlawnhere.

Yall got a nice website here and I'm much obliged to be contributen. Here's to pissen off the assholes, making friends with the kind volk and avoiding the weirdos and groids.

Ho up - avoid the groids and weirdos. Got nicer ring to it don't it? Happy trails goats.
ruqqus bans me for NO REASon after I exploded their conspiracy against me - I AM THE ONLY PERSON they ever ban. cunts, saidit bans me for reason and the irony is saidit is operated by a fucking tranny so why does ruqqus pretend to be against trannies when they support trannies against me????     (introductions)

submitted by killkillkillkill to introductions 2 weeks ago (+0/-1)

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I got the proof they ban me for bogus reasons

they are likely all trannies and p-dos themselves; they are the ones gaslighting me for no reason and trying to make me think i am p-do when I know that is untrue. dissident001 is a fucking p-do I called him a p-do and he didn't deny it

i've scientifically exposed the ruqqus conspiracy against me, why do they only ban me for no reason?!!!!! and it's ironic because they didn't ban my account i was using for a week or something until now and now they ban me for no reason because i know the conspiracy against me - i've laid it all out, the truth is there


the ultimate truth is there and only those that hate the truth can deny it : i am the righteous one, i am the virtuous one, i am the one WHO NEVER LIES

but they are the fucking imbeciles who ban me and LIE ABOUT me for zero reasons

I LOVE ---- and ------


for sure I KNOW for sure if ---- and ------ were with me NOW THEY WOULD AGREE WITH ME

"believe me" I know it's true, i do wish I could inject them with poison - fucking nigger cunts

the truth of the matter is these idiots, you go to a doctor to get more healthier not to get poisoned. but they give you drugs which make you a homo or p-do; they gaslight you and accuse you of bullshit charges, I am not a liar or a "troll" like that one moron said on ruqqus - they are the ones who are gaslighting me and they don't even prove they are even white or not a tranny: that's because it's a conspiracy existing against me only for no reason

i hate them.

I missed you niggerfaggots.     (introductions)

submitted by Seventh_Jim to introductions 1 month ago (+16/-0)

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Anything I need to know about the site, or is it like home?
hi     (introductions)

submitted by joesfoot to introductions 1 month ago (+3/-0)

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Hello chums, I just made this account because a friend said you talk about shooting darkies and boycotting israel.     (introductions)

submitted by photoradiant_kenyan to introductions 1 month ago (+6/-8)

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Please where is the secret chat where we share each other's locations?
v/RockNRoll and v/Metal are a thing. Come on over and post!     (introductions)

submitted by Prydain to introductions 1 month ago (+4/-0)


Come on over and spin your favorites!
Hello and Fuck You     (introductions)

submitted by Sleazy to introductions 1 month ago (+6/-1)

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I used to be crazy_eyes back on Voat from the beginning. But someone else must have stole that name, and I was crazy on the faggot site poal since voat went away on Christmas, so now I will just use the fucking nickname people call me, fuck you name thieves. Whatever.

Hello anyways. Hope this fucking site works and lasts and can be what it could be
Hi, I am PMYB3 some of you know me as PMYB2 over at poal. Me and AOU got in fight cause he fucking some other guy named Cystum. I don't have any proof but I his dick smelt like another mans butt and his breath like another mans dick.     (introductions)

submitted by PMYB3 to introductions 1 month ago (+4/-2)

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Hi! I’m Amy     (introductions)

submitted by SexyAmy to introductions 1 month ago (+1/-8)

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And I’m a sexy girl. Just sayin hi ;-)
1990 1990 1990 1990     (introductions)

submitted by beatlejuice to introductions 2 months ago (+3/-2)

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1990 1990 1990
Didn't take long for you faggots to start begging for censorship     (introductions)

submitted by Goatslayer to introductions 2 months ago (+10/-8)

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Seriously, this is pathetic. "WAAAH! MUH CCP REQUIREMENTS! MUH BANS!"

Here's an idea: If you don't like something and it's not illegal, then just ignore that person, faggots. Otherwise, go back to Reddit.

This is Goatslayer, keeping it honest.

EDIT: One downvote in three minutes. Go back to Reddit.
Hello     (introductions)

submitted by PuttitoutIsGone to introductions 2 months ago (+2/-5)

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I am here now. You are all safe.
i'm an outlaw no more     (introductions)

submitted by bewaryofbug to introductions 2 months ago (+13/-0)

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well, actually i felt like one for not moving on from old voat to whatever people were shilling, to say nothing of making an account here. i took a break from news and started to comment on yt, and you'd be surprised at how receptive people are to natsoc ideas. my one regret with voat was that i lurked too much so i hope to call each of you a faggot in time. just glad a nice simple replacement is here and that i dodged the poal bullet.
Pretty weird when the bootleg nigger-rigged new voat still runs better than the original.     (introductions)

submitted by Astupidname69 to introductions 2 months ago (+39/-2)

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As a side note, who do I have to downvoat/disagree with to get my internet shekels stolen from me around here?
Never before have I seen such a faggoty group of niggers...I think I'll stay.     (introductions)

submitted by CHIRO to introductions 2 months ago (+24/-0)

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Old Voater.

Sought refuge on Poal. Poal sucks ass. It sucked ass before old Voat shut down. It sucks ass today.

Found New Voat. Dark mode default.

Square corners. No snowflakes in the background.

I'll downvote whoever the fuck I want. Whenever. Feels good.

NukeIsrael complaining about AOU.

TallestSkil found his way here. He hasn't told me to neck myself. Yet.

Can we donate here?

Let me give you my money. No more Christmastime surprise evictions.

I want to be told something.

I want to be told to fuck off because we're full.
Is this goatopia?     (introductions)

submitted by Notalizard to introductions 2 months ago (+4/-0)

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Hi friends Martin Timothy here .. you might remember me from such places as Reddit, Voat 1 & Poal     (introductions)

submitted by MartinTimothy to introductions 2 months ago (+2/-0)

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Me and a few hundred user names went out at Reddit years ago, we all know V1 closed down while registration is now impossible at Poal so here we are.

Er .. my posts rely on numerous links most of the time, so how do we format posts with links and quotes on here.
Took me a while but I'm here      (introductions)

submitted by 3starAgent to introductions 2 months ago (+10/-1)

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FUCK AOU he uses Poal like his personal playground censoring and socially engineering

I heard poal talking shit about     (introductions)

submitted by NorthStar to introductions 2 months ago (+9/-2)

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It was then I knew you were alright and came over.

Im not a poal refugee, Im a voat refugee. Do your worst, Im homesick.

Should returning VOATers reintroduce themselves     (introductions)

submitted by WoodenDoors to introductions 2 months ago (+7/-0)

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Hello I'm Lagmonster     (introductions)

submitted by Lagmonster to introductions 2 months ago (+9/-0)

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I really really hate the Jews.
Some questions still with no answer     (introductions)

submitted by Dialscockowner to introductions 2 months ago (+4/-2)

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so I'm back here, just a shit alt, move on.

AND, Why in this new Voat are fonts in text so big, is this some sign I've missed, or what?
Looks like Poal is going the way of Ruqqus     (introductions)

submitted by TheLastStraightFrog to introductions 2 months ago (+8/-0)

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I've heard that shit's hitting the fan over on poal so I've joined here
This is nothing like Voat. This actually works.     (introductions)

submitted by lordvain to introductions 2 months ago (+12/-0)

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Whats up. Where de white wimmin at.
Who do I have to talk to about getting banned here?      (introductions)

submitted by Vrbllpollushin to introductions 2 months ago (+7/-0)

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Good to be back, brothers.

Once a niggerfaggot, always a niggerfaggot.