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Across Europe, the far right is rising.     (www.theguardian.com)
submitted by paul_neri to politics 16 hours ago (+7/-2)
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Ireland’s Assault on Free Speech     (brownstone.org)
submitted by x0x7 to politics 8 hours ago (+3/-0)
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The Pain is Real for Joe Kent     (twitter.com)
submitted by beece to politics 2 days ago (+9/-0)
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Memorial Day. Ex SF soldier, doesn't mention how he was fucked over in the election.

Kent, interestingly, was one of the few virulent anti-Ukraine war. He ran for congress as a repub. fully supportive of Pres Trumps MAGA policies. Primaries over, the repub who had voted to impeach Trump was out. Kent was winning a 3 way congressional race (semi-rural Washington State) when the other republican in the race, Heidi St John, a distant 3rd republican, started running Joe Kent attack ads near day and night. In the last few weeks before the vote, she spent more than about everyone else in the race did the entire race and both she, and Kent, lost to a democrat.

Wonder where she got the money at the end of the race and who would want to have an anti-war congressman not get elected.
Misinformation Is a Word We Use to Shut You Up     (brownstone.org)
submitted by x0x7 to politics 1 day ago (+1/-0)
Trump equates Uncle as being Idiot     (nitter.net)
submitted by foxtrot45 to politics 4 days ago (+5/-0)
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Donald Trump Vents His Spleen Against the Ones Who Engineered the "Russia Hoax" in the Context of the Durham Report, and Rails Against "Criminals' in Power" Naming Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden & Barak Obama - He blames "unelected thugs in senior government ranks" for his downfall & the stolen election     (www.youtube.com)
submitted by RexYehudi to politics 6 days ago (+14/-1)
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The Durham Report - Trump’s Vindication.

Trump says the "Russia Hoax subverted our democracy, weaponized our law enforcement, stoked global conflict, wrecked countless lives and provided the pretext for the left's war on freedom." He lambasts the FBI and the DoJ as "very corrupt," and says they have "interfered in every election since 2016" and that they have the 2024 presidential election in their sights .. he calls for a "reckoning."



Donald Trump declares the 2020 California & Oregon blazes were caused by "forest mismanagement," in contempt of volumes of material identifying DEW weaponry for the fires and despite the DEW attacks are criminality and treason on par with 911, and part of the Agenda 21 / 30 depopulation push that includes 5G, the Covid-19 Hoax and genocide of the elderly that has arrived in its wake .. these are the problems I have with Donald Trump not withstanding he similarly spurns 911 truth - Jews Did It.
Juryless Trials Are a Naked Power Grab and a Serious Threat to Liberty     (fee.org)
submitted by x0x7 to politics 1 week ago (+30/-0)
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they have betrayed their oath to The Constitution     (files.catbox.moe)
submitted by con77 to politics 1 week ago (+25/-0)
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we are witnessing a marxist takeover of the United States and half the population doesnt care
I hope Trump has loyal bodyguards     (files.catbox.moe)
submitted by con77 to politics 1 week ago (+19/-2)
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theyre gonna be desperate this time. theyre so close to destroying America
the fraud lives on: NY County’s Voters All Identified as Democrats on Voter IDs     (12ft.io)
submitted by dosvydanya_freedomz to politics 1 week ago (+15/-0)
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All voters of Nassau County, New York, were identified as Democrats on their voter ID cards irrespective of political affiliation due to a botch-up by a printing company, triggering accusations about “sabotaging elections” ahead of the upcoming primaries.

The primaries are scheduled for June. Voters of the county, amounting to nearly a million, began to receive their voter ID cards on Tuesday, with voters supporting Republicans, Independents, or another political party surprised to see themselves identified as Democrats in the cards, according to NBC. “We’re already starting to get phone calls from people, saying ‘I’m a registered Republican, I’m a registered Conservative—how come I’m being identified as a Democrat? Who changed my registration?’ And they’re quite upset about it,” said Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman.
Based response from ammo company to Michigan officers begging for ammo     (files.catbox.moe)
submitted by HeavyBeefCurtains to politics 1 week ago (+63/-0)
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The Biology of the Administrative State     (brownstone.org)
submitted by x0x7 to politics 5 days ago (+0/-0)
The imposter in chief and the treasonous press have still not acknowledged US troops in combat in Jewkraine     (files.catbox.moe)
submitted by con77 to politics 1 week ago (+8/-1)
Donald Trump's Former Attorney Ty Cobb Says the Former President Will Go to Jail as the Criminal Investigation Into the Trove of Classified Documents Found at Mar-a-lago Continues to Heat Up - So how many current politicos would survive the process if the same level of scrutiny were applied to them      (www.independent.co.uk)
submitted by TankTinker to politics 1 week ago (+6/-1)
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My guess is none, as well from this perspective it is ok that as President Mr Trump can be in possession of whatever documents he likes..

TQ Con77.

He was lawfully elected in 2020, if the conspiracy to subvert the process that brought Biden into the WH was ever prosecuted I'll say there would be thousands going under..
Democrat Nebraska State Senator Machaela Cavanaugh appears to be insane.      (twitter.com)
submitted by Sector7 to politics 1 week ago (+12/-0)
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What's the deal with the debt ceiling?     (politics)
submitted by Niggly_Puff to politics 1 week ago (+0/-0)
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Are republicans really going to leave seniors, military families, ect out high and dry? Do they really think this is a good idea? Or is this a conspiracy to turn these groups towards the democrat party? They are being wreckless and playing with fire. 4 working days left before shit hits the fan.
Uh oh! NY State tax collection DOWN 40% year over year!     (nitter.cz)
submitted by HeavyBeefCurtains to politics 2 weeks ago (+30/-0)
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"State tax collections for April 2023 totaled just over $10.9B – $7.2B, or 39.9%, lower than a year ago"

The Cloward-Piven Strategy- Reese report [4.00]     (www.youtube.com)
submitted by doginventer to politics 1 week ago (+0/-0)
Russia is floating a plan to build a village for conservative Americans who want to move to a Christian country and are tired of liberal ideology in the US     (ca.finance.yahoo.com)
submitted by ElementalPee to politics 2 weeks ago (+41/-2)
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Is the United States Moving Its Capital to Jerusalem?     (www.unz.com)
submitted by Spaceman84 to politics 2 weeks ago (+10/-3)
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E-Verify Is Deeply Dangerous     (brownstone.org)
submitted by x0x7 to politics 3 weeks ago (+9/-0)
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"at least we aren't speaking german!"     (files.catbox.moe)
submitted by HeavyBeefCurtains to politics 3 weeks ago (+31/-1)
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What Good Comes from Gain-of-Function?     (brownstone.org)
submitted by x0x7 to politics 3 weeks ago (+6/-0)
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George Santos arrested in New York after surrendering himself to authorities     (www.independent.co.uk)
submitted by Sal_180 to politics 3 weeks ago (+1/-0)
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Pakistan the boogaloo     (politics)
submitted by BrokenVoat to politics 3 weeks ago (+1/-0)
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Supposedly tge ex president got kidnapped and the people are attacking the military.
Anyone know something about this?