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Tucker Carlson Clip that Big Tech is Censoring     (

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Another Hawksbeard original content     (

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Little ant buddy on some tiny ass flowers original content     (

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Stone Toss: Game Over     (

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This comic is about Scott Cawthon, creator of the indie survival horror game Five Nights at Freddy's.

A bunch of tranny-loving twatter users complained he donated to political figures who are "transphobes". So recently he announced his retirement.

Another video game creator getting censored is Doug TenNapel, the guy that created Earthworm Jim.

He did have a jewtube account and made political videos. His last video was about a week ago, he had 95K subscribers, and his channel was terminated:

(this post body was edited after Kung_Flu helped me out)
Subhuman Assaults an 82-Year-Old Man     (

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A heartless negroid punched an 82-year-old stranger in the head and then ripped off the man’s cane inside a Lower East Side bodega.
"You're in the Oven Now"     (

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Based VRchat take on cross dressing     (

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Bull fucking shit this happened     (

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This didn’t happen just like there wasn’t a group of women niggers doing math for nasa. Look at the ears.
Talking About Stupid Things...     (

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Left Wing. Right Wing. Same Bird. ( we need a war )     (

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Are you believing the morning papers?
War is coming back in style
There's generals here, advisers there
And the Russians nibbling everywhere
The chessboard's filling up with red
We make more profits when we blow off their heads
Economy is looking bad
Let's start another war (when ya get drafted)
Fan the fires of racist hatred
We want total war (when ya get drafted)
Drooling fingers, panic buttons
Playing with missiles like they're toys
There's easy money, easy jobs
Especially when you build the bombs
That blow big cities off the map
Just guess who profits when we build 'em back up
Yeah, what Big Business wants Big Business
Gets it wants a war (When ya get drafted)
Trilateral Commission goonies
Laugh and scheme for more (when ya get drafted)
Call the Army, call the Navy
Stocked with kids from slums (when ya get drafted)
If you can't afford a slick attorney
We might make you a spy
Forget your demonstrations
Kids today sit on their ass (when ya get drafted)
Just a six-pack and you're happy
We're prepared for when ya get drafted
When ya get drafted
According to “Science,” It’s YOU Who Is the Crazy One     (

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Farmer boy      (

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Catch me if you can     (

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You disappoint      (

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Ever dated a musician?     (

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Whatca Doin' Rabbi?     (

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And then they came for the birds.     (

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As niggers worm their way into every facet of life, they will find something new to be offended by. Such as the names of birds.

"But overcoming those barriers will be daunting. As with the wider field of conservation, racism and colonialism are in ornithology’s DNA, indelibly linked to its origin story. The challenge of how to move forward is roiling White ornithologists as they debate whether to change as many as 150 eponyms, names of birds that honor people with connections to slavery and supremacy."

They will not be happy until we're utterly erased. Cue the automatic claims of fear and pain!

"For Newsome, community engagement manager for Georgia Audubon, the pain is real. When she first wore her organization’s work shirt, 'I felt like I was wearing the name of an oppressor,' she said, 'the name of someone who enslaved my ancestors.'"

Of course, no story about wokeness would be complete without whites terrified of losing everything.

"This spring, society president Mike Webster announced that the internal group responsible for bird names will now be guided by an advisory committee composed of people of different backgrounds — although 13 of the 17 advisers are White and the ethnicities of the four others have not been identified.

The new panel is 'not just because we want to feel good about ourselves,' said Webster, who is White. 'We see it [as] critically important to understanding and conserving birds. It’s critically important that we have a diversity of people out there doing it.'"

Does this inspire any new bird names for you? The Yellow-Bellied WebsterBitch, perhaps?

Archive Link:
Estonian emergency department becomes supreme (OC)     (

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Let's see how many people will understand this.
14 days to stop the rain     (

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Anon spins an (((alternate history))) fanfic     (

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"muh dik, Jewish bitches, sheeeeiiiittt"
This is what happens when you "grow up with porn" goats - you become a reddit moderator!     (

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It is said that it takes 10 drops of food to make 1 drop of blood. It takes an entire cup of blood to make one drop of semen.

Not ejaculating for 7 days straight may boost testosterone levels in men by around 150%.
Italians      (

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So you like posting porn, huh?      (

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Now we know which side you're on.