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This is a highly readable, important and timely book aimed at the educated layman. If you would like to get a feel for it, there is a stream with the author, Professor Edward Dutton, discussing the book here:

Race is our age’s great taboo. Public intellectuals insist that it does not exist—that it’s a “social construct” and biological differences between races are trivial or “skin deep.” But as with taboos in other times, our attitude towards race seems delusional and schizophrenic. Racial differences in sports and culture are clear to everyone. Race is increasingly a factor in public health, especially in disease susceptibility and organ donation. And in a globalized world, ethnic nationalism—and ethnic conflict—are unavoidable political realities. Race is everywhere . . . and yet it’s nowhere, since the topic has been deemed “out of bounds” for frank discussion.

Cutting through the contradictions, euphemisms, and misconceptions, Edward Dutton carefully and systematically refutes the arguments against the concept of “race,” demonstrating that it is as much a proper biological category as “species.”Making Sense of Race then takes us on a journey through the fascinating world of evolved physical and mental racial differences, presenting us with the most up-to-date discoveries on the consistent ways in which races differ in significant traits as a result of being adapted to different ecologies. Intelligence, personality, genius, religiousness, sex appeal, puberty, menopause, ethnocentrism, ear-wax, and even the nature of dreams . . . Making Sense of Race will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about race, but might have been afraid to ask.

About The Author
Edward Dutton is a prolific researcher and commentator, who has published widely in the field of evolutionary psychology. He is Editor at Washington Summit Publishers and Professor of Evolutionary Psychology at Asbiro University in Łódź, Poland. Dutton is the author of many books, including J. Philippe Rushton: A Life History Perspective (2018), Race Differences in Ethnocentrism (2019), and Islam: An Evolutionary Perspective (2020).


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Dr Edward Dutton, has a great Yootube channel. "The Jolly Heretic".