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Over 100,000 French Sign Open Letter Supporting Military Coup to Save Nation from Islam

submitted by lord_nougat to news 2 months ago (+75/-1)     (


[ - ] Metanoid 14 points 2 months ago (+14/-0)

Le Deus Vult.

I can't wait for my country to get this ball rolling.

[ - ] FLAryan 7 points 2 months ago (+7/-0)

I never thought France would be the first to pop this shit off but way to go France.

[ - ] NewWorldEbola 1 point 2 months ago (+1/-0)

i did because they are the most fucked with immigration

[ - ] paul_neri 3 points 2 months ago (+3/-0)

Deus vult (Latin: 'God wills it') is a Latin Catholic motto associated with the Crusades. It was first chanted during the First Crusade in 1096 as a rallying cry. [Voat Library Service]

[ - ] bob3 0 points 2 months ago (+0/-0)

Ordo Militaris Catholicus wants YOU

[ - ] paul_neri 1 point 2 months ago (+1/-0)

that's nice. You be wanted an' all!

[ - ] AndrewBlazeIt 9 points 2 months ago (+9/-0)

Get burkas.

Get guns.

Go into mud-zones.



[ - ] 2Drunk 7 points 2 months ago (+7/-0)

Find a nigglet and bleach it to make it look like a human child.

Give it Ebola.

Release it into mud rape zones.

You don't need to guess this step.


[ - ] DoctorK 4 points 2 months ago (+4/-0)

I'm more ashamed of America with each passing day. Where are active duty and guardsmen making their voices heard?

[ - ] lord_nougat [op] 4 points 2 months ago (+4/-0)

I guess that at present there are mainly only passive guardsmen.

[ - ] account deleted by user 1 point 2 months ago (+1/-0)

account deleted by user

[ - ] TerryB 4 points 2 months ago (+4/-0)

French Foreign Legion here we come!
Think about what could be if the French overthrew their captured government and eradicated the mudslime. Just like the days of the French Revolution - it inspired the US to have a revolution of their own. It would be the rallying drive of all white countries. Just as the US Dollar empire is collapsing so no other country will want to intervene. Israel would want to hire mercenaries but all they could round up would be other mudslime and then they wouldn't be able to pay them cause they no longer get good support from the US. The Chinese probably wouldn't really care. They hate mudslime too.

[ - ] Jiggggg 1 point 2 months ago (+1/-0)

The American Revolution came first and directly inspired the French. But I get what you're saying! Maybe this time around it would be what got the US in gear.

[ - ] TerryB 1 point 2 months ago (+1/-0)

Ah, what I meant was that the French Enlightenment movement which was underway well before the French revolution actually inspired American revolutionaries to get it done.

[ - ] Jiggggg 0 points 2 months ago (+0/-0)

Oooh gotcha. Yes indeed

[ - ] 86USSLiberty 4 points 2 months ago (+4/-0)

If they ever expel all the slime then I’m buying myself a villa in Menton

[ - ] OoklaTheMok 4 points 2 months ago (+6/-2)

Well, good luck to them. The French, for the most part, are cowards. This is a pivotal moment for all of Europe, as a whole. Hopefully our White brothers and sisters prevail.

[ - ] lord_nougat [op] 12 points 2 months ago (+12/-0)

They weren't always cowards. Maybe it is soon time for strong men in France once more, finally.

[ - ] account deleted by user 6 points 2 months ago (+6/-0)

account deleted by user

[ - ] Greased_Lightning 1 point 2 months ago (+1/-0)*

France has jus soli, so all the Arabs are French. The legal challenges of deporting naturalized citizens are irresolvable, at least as long as constitutional means are prescribed.

The root cause of demographic decline of Whites is that the western way of life is not sustainable, the birth rates are too low, and this problem can not be resolved by deporting foreigners.

The root cause for low birth rates is the social net of benefits, which made the social net of family superfluous.

Generous social nets of benefits on national level for anyone are a specific European cultural phenomenon, which will not be maintained sufficiently by foreigners originating from tribal societies. Tribal societies do have social nets of benefits, but only on tribal (family) level. This also explains btw why universal healthcare does not exist in USA.

We can thus predict that the social net of benefits will implode due to immigration, and only then will the birth rates of Whites rise again.

[ - ] OoklaTheMok 9 points 2 months ago (+9/-0)

I'm aware that that wasn't always the case. No matter what I said in my first comment, I'm rooting for them and wish them success. I wish we could get our shit together as a nation and expel all the unwanted in our once great nation. Hopefully Whites as a whole rebel and take back what our forefathers bled for.

[ - ] lord_nougat [op] 5 points 2 months ago (+5/-0)

Amen to that.

[ - ] FLAryan 2 points 2 months ago (+2/-0)

I believe once the dominoes start to fall the world will see the most violent creature to ever exist on Earth awaken and be very pissed off.

[ - ] OoklaTheMok 5 points 2 months ago (+5/-0)

I look forward to the day it happens. I'm tired of the constant attacks and persecution of my White brothers and sisters. The sooner we rid the world of parasitic Shitskins and jews, the better. At least I hope to see it in my lifetime.

[ - ] Jiggggg 1 point 2 months ago (+1/-0)

Me too man.

[ - ] yesiknow 1 point 2 months ago (+1/-0)

God I hope so.

[ - ] Jiggggg 2 points 2 months ago (+2/-0)

Yeah! France gets a bad rap for being "occupied" during WW2 (though there are plenty of sources that say they were willing participants in that "occupation") but back up to the 19th century and prior and they were total badasses with an empire to rival England.

[ - ] HughBriss 11 points 2 months ago (+11/-0)

What's your basis for saying that? A quote from "The Simpsons"? They collaborated with Germany when they were occupied because it was a great deal better than having the allies overrun it and destroy everything, which is what happened after 1944. They remembered having Germans, British, and Americans fighting a war on their territory a few decades earlier and didn't want a repeat of that. Can you blame them?

[ - ] OoklaTheMok 2 points 2 months ago (+2/-0)

>I'm aware that that wasn't always the case. No matter what I said in my first comment

[ - ] FLAryan 2 points 2 months ago (+2/-0)

Well there is this:

Napoleon’s battle against rabbits

But yeah if not for the French The United States might not have won the revolution. And they dont let cowards have a permanent seat on the UN security council

[ - ] CPU 6 points 2 months ago (+6/-0)

Cowards? I doubt it, if anyone saves the West I'd place my bets on the French.

[ - ] OoklaTheMok 1 point 2 months ago (+1/-0)

>I'm aware that that wasn't always the case. No matter what I said in my first comment

[ - ] HughBriss 2 points 2 months ago (+3/-1)

Why are you quoting yourself replying to another user? Besides, you didn't answer my question. I asked why you say this:

The French, for the most part, are cowards.

I wanted to know why you say this. I don't think it's true. I think it's more of a case that in the 20th and 21st centuries, they prefer to pick their battles, which isn't a sign of cowardice.

[ - ] OoklaTheMok 2 points 2 months ago (+2/-0)

Hugh, I'm not going to give you a history lesson. My comments are based on fact, nothing more or less. If you wish to dive in deeper and find your answer, be my guest, but I'm not holding your hand to guide you. I'm not trying to be a dick, but willful ignorance is not something that I will entertain.

[ - ] HughBriss 3 points 2 months ago (+3/-0)

You're going to need to give me a "history lesson" if you want to prove your statement. Otherwise, you're just giving one man's opinion. History isn't like mathematics, where there's just one correct answer, and the motives and actions of a people are subject to interpretation by later generations. But if you don't want to do that, I'll just go along with your proposal that you're trying to be a dick.

[ - ] VitaminSieg 10 points 2 months ago (+10/-0)

More jewish lies. The reason the Germans were able to sweep through France was that the French sympathised with the NatSoc program.

[ - ] OoklaTheMok 5 points 2 months ago (+5/-0)


[ - ] AndrewBlazeIt 4 points 2 months ago (+4/-0)

Most French who lived on the border pretty much considered themselves German, anyway.

[ - ] Jiggggg 1 point 2 months ago (+1/-0)*

Exactly. That'd be like Washington state declaring war on Louisiana. East Texas and Mississippi would almost certainly side with Louisiana

[ - ] account deleted by user 3 points 2 months ago (+3/-0)

account deleted by user

[ - ] lord_nougat [op] 3 points 2 months ago (+3/-0)

Let them march up the mountain, and then march down again!

[ - ] account deleted by user 5 points 2 months ago (+5/-0)*

account deleted by user

[ - ] Nosferatjew 3 points 2 months ago (+3/-0)

Based frog meme becomes reality.

[ - ] lord_nougat [op] 2 points 2 months ago (+2/-0)

Ribbit, mon dieu!

[ - ] fightknightHERO 2 points 2 months ago (+2/-0)

Nothings gonna happen and you know it

[ - ] paul_neri 1 point 2 months ago (+1/-0)

dunno.Who would have envisaged the insurrection in the States?

[ - ] MartinTimothy 1 point 2 months ago (+2/-1)*

They are barking up the wrong tree .. we say the terror attacks afflicting France at Charlie Hebdo no less blamed on radical Moslems are False Flags, that Mossad thence Jews who have infiltrated every aspect of French society are the real perps.

* Charlie Hebdo Shootings, False Flag.
* How the West created the Islamic State.
* Paris Bataclan Attack Conspiracy Hoax Exposed.
* NBC News Fake Interview Bataclan Survivor Paris.
* Paris Attacks False Flag Op to Keep Bibi in Power.
* Mass Shooting Drill on the Morning of Paris Attacks.
* Paris & Copenhagen False Flags, by Ole Dammegård.
* Paris Psyop, Inside Job - Mossad Attacks Charlie Hebdo.
* Mossad Has Carried Out Many False Flag Ops on French Soil.
* Exercice Militaire Du Nov. 13, 2015 Paris - False Flag Au Bataclan.
* Paris False Flag, Bataclan Eyewitness Hoax Actor Ginnie Watson.
* Bataclan Paris Hoax - Fake Bombing & Shooting Terrorist Attack, France.
* Paris Attacks False Flag Jewish Owners Sold Bataclan Theater Just Before [Alleged] Attack.

True French patriots decry the alleged attacks attributed to "Islamicists" as False Flag / Hoaxes, they despise the quislings who accept the official stories, and call for the arrest, trial and execution of the Zionist sponsored political and media lobbies that perpetuate the deceptions.

They are equally in contempt of Holocaust "acceptors," who fail to disclose Adolf Hitler and all of the top Nazis were Jews, that Jews infiltrated German politics then perped the Holocaust in the name of the German ppl, like they infiltrated US politics perped 911 then established the bogus War on Terror.

Their comeuppance will be by way of legal arrest and just trial under the capital anti terror strictures of existing French law, where after a lawful verdict of guilty so will the lot be off to the Guillotine .. anticipate a death toll among Jews to rival Hitler's tally.

The attacks of September 11, 2001 were by Israel .. patriotism is all about standing firm in the face of the enemy, the lack of positive input in response to Zionist aggression from the Militaires illustrates the paucity of patriotism in the Gallic psyche, it is stand against them or go under and it is time the French got the lead out of their arses. Abortion is genocide. Links -

[ - ] removed 1 point 2 months ago (+7/-6)*

post deleted by user

[ - ] lord_nougat [op] 0 points 2 months ago (+1/-1)

Fuck, I can't upvote you despite how correct you are.
For some reason your comment only shows up in my inbox but is missing when I go to the post. Must be a new feature!

[ - ] yesiknow 2 points 2 months ago (+2/-0)*

He isn't "right" White women aren't open ended fuck ups with all the lalala kumbaya crap to spite White men. They do that because they're incredibly immature. They do that because they believe they'll get approval for it and be admired. They think it's attractive.

It's biology, not spite. It's also from being too safe for too long

[ - ] removed 1 point 2 months ago (+4/-3)

post deleted by user

[ - ] removed 1 point 2 months ago (+3/-2)

post deleted by user

[ - ] lord_nougat [op] 4 points 2 months ago (+4/-0)


[ - ] HughBriss 1 point 2 months ago (+1/-0)

Have whatever kind of day you want, then.

[ - ] lord_nougat [op] 3 points 2 months ago (+3/-0)

I was just kidding. I'm actually having a pretty mediocre / mundane day. A huge improvement from yesterday so far.

Additionally: NO U!

[ - ] NewWorldEbola 0 points 2 months ago (+0/-0)

i'm itching to start removing these fucking child rapists

[ - ] Poo_on_a_Jew 0 points 2 months ago (+0/-0)

OMG they sign a letter that'll really get it done