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Fairy Tales (1978) is the stupidest movie I've ever seen by 1000% watch it while drinking

submitted by AloisH to movies 2 months ago (+1/-0)     (movies)


[ - ] Antiliberalsociety 3 points 2 months ago (+3/-0)

Excessive alcohol consumption was pushed by jews in their subversive attacks ever since WW2 ended. Learning this fact was rather disappointing, it ruined some childhood memories for me. My grandparents always threw get togethers and had people over, hosted family holidays, barbecues, etc. and it all revolved around the bar. Most of my family & friends had bars in their basements.

My grandpa's was very cool, he had all these beer signs that would light up, rotate, a nice big mirror with a painting of deer by a stream behind it, there was even a sign with an arrow that you'd spin that asked "Time to Drink?" and when you'd spin it, the arrow would skip all the NO! and only land on "Yesh!"

I still have a lot of these heirlooms, reminds me of happier times. But after learning what the kikes did on Madison Avenue to push what would later turn into alcoholism and create family breakdowns, I can't look at them the same.

[ - ] AloisH [op] 1 point 2 months ago (+1/-0)

What about the sundays at the beer garden after church? Alcohol can also be Tradition

[ - ] Antiliberalsociety 3 points 2 months ago (+3/-0)

What part of excessive didn't you understand?

[ - ] AloisH [op] 0 points 1 month ago (+0/-0)

The c

[ - ] SmokeyMeadow 1 point 2 months ago (+1/-0)

Just because kikes popularized the gross consumption of alcohol doesn't mean drinking with friends or family is a bad thing. People were getting drunk a long time before jews even existed. You just know they'd love to erode the bond of camaraderie that exists between men who drink together. After all, Hitler got his start in beer halls. The collective angst of those drunk Germans would crystalize into the Nazi party, and take on the kike world order in Europe. Drinking, in moderation, can be a good way to network with like-minded peers.

[ - ] Antiliberalsociety 2 points 2 months ago (+2/-0)

> excessive