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Good way to prune cilantro ?

submitted by ParnellsUprising to Gardening 1 month ago (+6/-0)     (Gardening)

Was wondering if any you guys had a good way of pruning cilantro? It has run straight up, and I was wondering if I can just cut the main stem to fill it out?

I believe it is growing straight up being that I have it currently in a lesser light grow box on the deck. I plan on moving it to a location that will get better light, but kind of wanted to trim it a bit before it gets out of hand. Any recommendations?

I do understand traditional pruning of cilantro, and removing the older leaf branches first, but traditionally I avoid hitting the main stem.

Is it like sunflowers / mj, where I can get a bushy plant / more flowers if I cut the stem?


[ - ] PeckerwoodPerry 2 points 1 month ago (+2/-0)

Prune it weed whacker, that shit's nasty.

[ - ] La_Chalupacabra 1 point 1 month ago (+1/-0)


[ - ] MuricaPersonified 0 points 1 month ago (+0/-0)

Yes, with a flame thrower.

Cilantro is for genetically-inferior subhumans who lack ability to taste aldehydes.

[ - ] ParnellsUprising [op] 0 points 1 month ago (+0/-0)

It's funny, when I first tried it, I said to the girl, who the fuck throws shit that tastes like a bar of soap in their soup?

After a while though, it has definitely grown on me.

[ - ] SteppingRazor 0 points 1 month ago (+0/-0)

Whatever you do, let it go to seed and sprinkle them around your garden. If you live in a warmer climate you will have cilantro all winter.

[ - ] lord_nougat 0 points 1 month ago (+0/-0)

Sounds like it's going to seed already. It gets all long and lanky when it blooms. At least in my experience.

[ - ] La_Chalupacabra 0 points 1 month ago (+0/-0)

It's a little early in the season to seed.
If it's bolting, I'd say it's probably getting too much heat, but there could be other issues.

[ - ] lord_nougat 0 points 1 month ago (+0/-0)

Yeah, who knows. Weather's been weird. We were kind of tripping out on one branch on the peach tree which got covered in buds and seemingly just died. I think it was because it started too soon on one of those pretty warm day which were just kidding and the weather got all cold again... but that's just kind of a guess.

[ - ] La_Chalupacabra 0 points 1 month ago (+0/-0)

I had that happen with a younger cherry tree.
Ended up losing that half of the tree and then some kind of fungus/mushroom invaded and finished off the rest.
Fruit trees are really susceptible like that when they're still in their early developmental stage.

[ - ] lord_nougat 0 points 1 month ago (+0/-0)

Well shit, I hope it's not that bad, looks like just the one branch though. I was hoping it would just get better.

[ - ] ParnellsUprising [op] 0 points 1 month ago (+0/-0)

Agreed with what you are saying, however I don't believe it is stretching in that manner, still full of leaf but growing much higher than I remember cilantro growing. I t has been a few years since I've grown, so it could be.

I guess I'll have to crop a photo to explain. I'll try and do it tomorrow if I get a chance.