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suck shit fag, macron gets slapped

submitted by drhitler to videos 1 month ago (+25/-0)     (


[ - ] TerryB 5 points 1 month ago (+5/-0)

For those criticizing the slap - its not meant to knock Macron out - it is meant as humiliation. A bitch slap perfectly executed as best you can against one of these elite assholes. It is a propaganda win for the people and devastating video. Also think of the normies in France who can't avoid seeing this viral video and wondering to themselves - why is he even shaking hands when we are still in this pandemic? Just a shit spill that is hard to clean up media wise.

[ - ] GrayDragon 2 points 1 month ago (+2/-0)


[ - ] AngryWhiteKeyboardWarrior 2 points 1 month ago (+2/-0)

Haha, that's great. Next time needs to be more than a slap.

[ - ] thoughtcrime 0 points 1 month ago (+0/-0)

they'll come for the queen not just the PAWN.

Always thus to monarchs

[ - ] rage 2 points 1 month ago (+2/-0)


I wonder if they realize it's one blackout character away from labeling them what they are: PIG!

[ - ] Irelandlost 2 points 1 month ago (+2/-0)

They probably don’t much care what with the whole being French speakers thing they have going on in France (for the time being at least).

[ - ] AndrewBlazeIt 1 point 1 month ago (+1/-0)

Bullets or nothing

[ - ] Metanoid 1 point 1 month ago (+1/-0)

Not so long ago that would have been an official duel call out.

[ - ] thoughtcrime 1 point 1 month ago (+1/-0)

I would love to OFFICIALLY challenge several people to duels. I wont shy either. It would be a sincere and delightful reprieve from virtue jousting.

Can we list the people we would duel? Will our rampant freedom allow such things?

I know one I cant say, but the foreigners are still fair game for an American boy I think.

Merkel. I'd duel merkel. Knives and chains only. cage match.

If a civilian is willing to fight to the death an elected official, in an official setting, no sneaky shit, like in a ring surrounded by witnesses. Doesnt that seem politically relevant? For that matter, in this scenario, which individual cares more? The challenger of course.

The plan isnt perfect, but I bet it would be effective. Never again would our courts be filled with geriatrics who cannot defend their actions in word or deed.

[ - ] SparklingWiggle 1 point 1 month ago (+1/-0)

Do you know the rules for dueling? The one who is challenged gets choice of weapons, location, and additional conditions. Abraham Lincoln was challenged to a duel, look that up.

[ - ] thoughtcrime 1 point 1 month ago (+1/-0)*

I've had this discussion a few times already, since the first time I suggested we should, in a non-criminal fashion, challenge leaders to physical combat.

Long story short, we'd need to update the rules to exclude all the extremely obvious fuckery.

I'd propose a contractual agreement of terms, with no blinds and no advantages unless agreed upon fully.

Cheating at any portion of the arrangement would be a felony, failure to appear would be a $20 fine and the other guy gets to call you a bitch.

I clearly dont have all the answers. Hands up everyone who prefers the current arrangement where all simply take it up the ass all day everyday and shout "thats the way she goes!"

I am all for civilized discussion, but in all formats except political, once the diplomacy breaks down, someone usually gets the shit smacked out of them. I did not invent that system. It should also be noted that while its something I ponder, I'm not entirely serious nor do I ever expect dueling to return. Still, not sure I'd mind.

[ - ] SparklingWiggle 0 points 1 month ago (+0/-0)

I'd rather pass out hand grenades.

[ - ] ParnellsUprising 1 point 1 month ago (+2/-1)

What kind of faggot slap was that?

[ - ] drhitler [op] 9 points 1 month ago (+9/-0)

the one you do on a leader protected by guards, its not like he could do a massive wind up.

better than no slap.

[ - ] thoughtcrime 0 points 1 month ago (+0/-0)

He probably still got roughed up, and I have no idea on the law, but is probably gonna sit at least a little.

I hope the judge sees the video, laughs and lets him go. I can dream.

[ - ] Flabbygasted 3 points 1 month ago (+3/-0)

He's french

[ - ] lord_nougat 4 points 1 month ago (+4/-0)

Sacre merde!

[ - ] Doglegwarrior 3 points 1 month ago (+3/-0)

I mean for 99.9 % of French men that was the hardest physical assault possible... and macron amazingly survived that normally kills a Frenchman

[ - ] GrayDragon 3 points 1 month ago (+3/-0)*

Fuck you pussy. You have no balls to do half that.

GOD just spoke to you. You are found wanting. Fucking pussy.

[ - ] fightknightHERO 0 points 1 month ago (+0/-0)

Shit doesn't load for me, can you catbox it?

[ - ] SparklingWiggle 0 points 1 month ago (+0/-0)

To me is sounded like some sand nigger invader that slapped him. I hope he enjoyed that diversity. He will probably celebrate by watching his wife fuck her nigger.

[ - ] Ploymroph -2 points 1 month ago (+0/-2)

It's obviously scripted, goy