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Unique anti-black collection from my own personal stash

submitted by poopdawg15 to books 1 month ago (+4/-0)     (books)

This document does a good job explaining where nigger worship came from. It's a strange phenomenon, right? Anyway, Black Boosterism became the war strategy of the British Empire against the U.S. at the time of the founding. Samuel Morse (the guy who invented the code) is great about explaining what the Brits were doing using blacks against us. That's this.
The first chapter of Van Evrie's Negroes and Negro Slavery is an excellent supplement for those who'd like to know more about how negro-mania came to be. catbox is down or I'd make the pdf. I have more really good stuff on negroes.

edit: the stuff will come in as I'm able to work on it.

Racial Pecularities of the Negro Brain by Robert Bennett Bean.

Racial Anatomical Pecularities by D.K Shute

On the Negro's place in Nature by Dr. James Hunt

The Conflict of Colour by Putnam Weale.

Colchester collection on race.

The Negro Problem by N.S. Shaler.

Negroes in Negroland by Helper

Selected Articles on the Negro Problem.

The Negro A Menace to American Civilization by R.W. Shufeldt.

Who is Responsible for the Present Slavery Agitation.

Evidence Against the Views of the Abolitionists by Colfax.

Menace of Colour by J.W. Gregory.

The Negro Problem by William Cabell Bruce.

Racial Integrity and Other Features of the Negro problem by A.H. Shannon.

A Comparative Study of the Negro Problem by Charles C. Cook.

Opinions of Henry Brougham on Negro Slavery.


[ - ] thoughtcrime 2 points 1 month ago (+2/-0)*

I have the unfortunate experience of being very near and sometimes intermingling with several various levels of negro society. I was raised in Texas, in the 90s, racism was something old people did (this should have been a clue instead!). I knew we were different, but I played nice, as a good boy should (so we believed)

Naturally, once I followed my Fox News, desert storm patriotism, directly into the us vs them war, thats how a Texan ends up in California, duty station.

I understand so many discrete truths I would never have believed before. After the inevitable destruction of my self, my finances, my entire life. I found you lot. I had always listened, but now I could hear. I no longer dismissed your claims, I thought about them in relation to real life experiences.

Its all true. I was a fool to believe otherwise.

Thanks for the books.

Things I believe now:
- Negroids are of inferior intellectual capacity.

- Negroids CANNOT learn advanced mathematical concepts, especially those requiring advanced logic, such as computer programming. I've tried to teach them, they dont get it. There is no level of dumbing down that will still allow them to work the code. You might teach one Hello World, but they will be flabbergasted if you ask them to change ANYTHING about that same hello world program. Perhaps they lack free will, idk. This one made me sad... once.

- Negroid Society is a fucked society. It's a broken system, but they keep it anyway. They will torture themselves with their own rules. They dont need masters, they need cages.

- Negroids dont care about their offspring, unless it comes with a paycheck, once that expires, the child is cast out without a second thought. This seems instinctual, they dont think about it, like at all.

- Negroids will attack any victim you can point them at. They dont care who is pointing them, they dont care about motives, they simply acquiesce once given a suitable victim.

- The viking nigger -> That huge deebo fucker, the pride of the herd and chief bellower for the riots. He's a moron. A tiny man could kill him easily, not because he is clever, but because tyrone is just so damn stupid.

Our modern society has given more case studies than anyone could ever ask for.

and the only way to hide it is to hide behind 'muh racism'.

Thanks for the books. They will be added to the family archive.

[ - ] beece 1 point 1 month ago (+1/-0)*

I have come around and like thoughtcrime have stopped singing kumbayah. Statistics are one thing, but once your daughter (who you fucked up and raised to be non-prejudiced and non-racist) is forceably raped by a black man and becomes mentally broken by the vile POS act, that 13% doing 52% of the violent crimes stat folks toss around becomes horrifically real. @poopdawg15, you're putting some good shit up lately. Thank you (even if I haven't even scratched the surface of your last magnificent data dump).

[ - ] poopdawg15 [op] 0 points 1 month ago (+0/-0)

It's bc I resigned myself to do a little organizing of files rather just aimless surfing.