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Medical journal publishes study attacking ‘whiteness’ as a ‘malignant, parasitic-like condition’

submitted by TFS to news 1 month ago (+27/-0)     (

A prominent medical journal for US psychoanalysts has published a study demonizing “whiteness” as a “malignant, parasitic-like condition to which white people have a particular susceptibility.”

The study, which was given a platform late last month by the Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association, went on to portray whiteness as a disorder that doesn’t yet have a permanent cure. “Parasitic Whiteness renders its hosts’ appetites voracious, insatiable and perverse,” wrote author Donald Moss, a white New Yorker who has more than four decades of experience in private practice. “These deformed appetites particularly target nonwhite peoples.”

While it's “nearly impossible” to eliminate such appetites, Moss said, they can be effectively treated with a combination of “psychic and social-historical interventions.” But medical professionals can only hope to “reshape” those appetites for the better, such as reducing their intensity, altering their aims and, in some cases, “turn those aims to the work of reparation.”


[ - ] Flabbygasted 6 points 1 month ago (+6/-0)*

Parasitic? Someone needs to look at the welfare stats. Funny enough...I went to check out exact welfare stats, and the government run webpage is down.

I dont know if prominent is the right word either. I'm no psychoanalyst, but I doubt anyone worth a shit, gives a shit what this mossy guy thinks.

[ - ] poopdawg15 3 points 1 month ago (+3/-0)

Right. Prominent? Not for something I've never heard of. The guy teaches in San Francisco at some no name place. The paper itself is data-free, just leftish buzzwords.

[ - ] oldblo 1 point 1 month ago (+1/-0)

San Francisco? Its always San Francisco or linked to there in some way. That one city out of the entire damn planet. I swear it needs to be nuked for the good of all mankind. I question if any sane and decent survivors of the mind virus still exist there.

[ - ] CognitiveDissident5 4 points 1 month ago (+4/-0)

Funny it sounds alot like another highly ((malignant condition)).

[ - ] oldblo 3 points 1 month ago (+3/-0)

I have a fun game. Replace white and whiteness with something else. Like say black or jew.

Then count how long it takes for censorship and legal intervention.

[ - ] CognitiveDissident5 2 points 1 month ago (+2/-0)


[ - ] YamaMaya 3 points 1 month ago (+3/-0)

This is a jew projecting, surely.

[ - ] RepublicanNerd 1 point 1 month ago (+1/-0)


[ - ] kammmmak 2 points 1 month ago (+2/-0)*

Now imagine if you will replacing the word Whiteness with jewness.
It becomes truth

[ - ] kammmmak 1 point 1 month ago (+1/-0)*

Yes jews are expert level at cognitizing full blown actual racism and you mentioning a smidge is antisemetic.
This is the thanks we get for giving them billions and billions...every fucking year.
Are we in debt to them?

[ - ] Nosferatjew 1 point 1 month ago (+1/-0)

They're afraid.

[ - ] Silverwakeskater 0 points 1 month ago (+0/-0)

The proyection of (((them))) idionsicrazies

[ - ] account deleted by user 0 points 1 month ago (+0/-0)

account deleted by user

[ - ] PotatoWhisperer 0 points 1 month ago (+0/-0)

>“psychic and social-historical interventions.”

All-encompassing propaganda and genocides.