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I was watching Americas Got Talent

submitted by con77 to all 1 week ago (+21/-1)     (all)

In before all the towering intellects and shining exemplars of virtue who claim to never 1. watch tv. 2. watch movies. 3. shop at wal mart. 4. never eat a fast food burger. YOURE ALL LIARS!

Now that thats out of the way. An asian magician comes on and glibly announces that he "sold his soul " for the ability to perform magic. Simon Cowell smugly says "good".

After his performance when Heidi Klum says the obligatory " How do you do that?!" the magician again nonchalantly declares " I sold my soul".

The thing that people shrug off and refuse to contemplate is that the guy is absolutely serious! Simon Cowell being in the music business is well aware of and probably a participant in the evil practice.

Theyre spreading their malignancy on Prime Time television and the sheeple are too complacent to be aware of whats going on right in front of their eyes!


Anything able to be bought or sold can be pirated or hacked. Similarly, for any being capable of transferring something for a price, a being of equal or greater ability could transfer as a gift.