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Drunkanon responds to a roastie.

submitted by Splooge to 4Chan 1 month ago (+52/-0)     (


To be fair,most women only want to talk to men if they're going to get something out of them. It's that jew programming. Women used to be able to make things. Clothes,quilts,knitted stuff of all kinds,food,booze. Now they just "look pretty and buy stuff". I look at the vapid "entertainment" for women and I can't help but see how it makes vapid women. Women are pleasers because it gets them things. Twist that into a "beauty standard" that is supposed to offer iron clad "sure thing" sales and you start to understand the frustrations women deal with. What they are being sold isn't any more real than what men are being sold. They're not taught to love,they're taught to evaluate and price. They don't make their own shit,they buy shit. So to sum up,ladies,having a personality is nice. Knowing things is nice. Read some fucking books,watch something different than "what all your friends are watching". Maybe sitting through the original trilogy of Star Wars might be a fun way to spend an afternoon. Maybe check out something weird. Or goofy. Just have fun with it.