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The new Icarly reboot is replacing Sam with not one but three Niggers

submitted by Systemisgay to TellVoat 1 month ago (+1/-0)     (TellVoat)


[ - ] Darkness 0 points 1 month ago (+0/-0)*

you not see that 7ft tall nigga Sam was fucking? lol you white boys gonna get mad when you see that! haha we dickin al;l yo bitches son!

[ - ] Systemisgay [op] 0 points 1 month ago (+0/-0)*

Too be fair that wasn’t Sam that was Jennette McCurdy :)

[ - ] Merlynn 0 points 1 month ago (+0/-0)

She also dumped him for being a lousy kisser. Which is code for "he couldn't get it up".

[ - ] Egg_whitey 0 points 1 month ago (+0/-0)

Still gross. How disappointing.

[ - ] Merlynn 0 points 1 month ago (+0/-0)

Probably did it for "virtue points".