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the McCloskey's were charged and they didn't do a single fucking thing illegal

submitted by NewWorldEbola to all 1 month ago (+46/-0)     (


What's the prosecutor's name that did that? Their name with traitor and communist and parasite should be on every post fence and tree in the state.

[ - ] Cantaloupe 2 points 1 month ago (+2/-0)*

McCloskey commented on the politicalization of the case by the Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner (financially supported by George Soros) who was subsequently benched and replaced with a special prosecutor after using the proceedings for political fundraisers. “If we didn’t have somebody named George Soros in the world, we never would have been charged with anything,” he said

Is there a primary source on this, or just "news"

So they gave up the guns used in the confrontation not all their guns

One of those didn't work. The other may cost less than legal expenses to retrieve it.