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You're More Likely to Get Murdered in Chicago Than Be Hospitalized for COVID-19

submitted by Cynabuns to politics 1 week ago (+23/-0)     (


"The Delta variant does not appear to be especially deadly,” says Dr. Joel Zinberg in a Tuesday New York Post op-ed.

Zinberg — who practiced medicine for 30 years at Mt. Sinai Hospital — notes that “despite rising numbers of Delta cases in July, hospitalizations have only increased moderately.” Delta victims, he notes, “are no more likely to be hospitalized or die than with other variants.”

Not only that, but as I noted elsewhere here at PJ Media on Wednesday, you’re more likely to get murdered in Chicago (18 murders per 100,000 people) than a senior citizen is to be hospitalized for the Wuhan Flu (2.9 per 100,000), Delta variant or no Delta variant.


[ - ] blit416 1 point 1 week ago (+1/-0)

117,000 gang members
13,000 cops (and sinking)

I honestly can't imagine living in a place with that many gang members

[ - ] ChefDong 1 point 1 week ago (+1/-0)

... not if you stay out of Chicago

[ - ] KCobain27 1 point 1 week ago (+1/-0)

Is anyone else disappointed OP didn't put echoes around (((Dr. Joel Zinberg))) and (((Mt. Sinai Hospital)))?

Course everyone here probably mentally does that automatically anyways.

I wish they would say whether the parents of that Georgia boy who supposedly died of holocough were vaxxed.

[ - ] Clubberlang 0 points 1 week ago (+0/-0)

Governor Lightfoot is wondering why zinberg is committing anti semitism