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GOYIM TV MERCHANDISE : Look at these HILARIOUS T-Shirts! The ADL has spent months trying to take down this T-Shirt site run by Goyim TV. So many awsome based shirts to enrage Jews.

submitted by try to WhitePeopleThings 1 week ago (+28/-1)     (

The controversy write up :


[ - ] YamaMaya 7 points 1 week ago (+8/-1)

Totally not a honey pot to get your personal details. Buy our lovely wears!!!

[ - ] try [op] 1 point 1 week ago (+2/-1)

Goyim TV admin gets arrested by police puppets of Jews , for merely free speech protests near jews.

Goyim TV main guy , at least gets arrested naming jews.

I no longer totally trust ANYONE not born with blonde or brown hair though. Too many subversive jews. 99.999% of subversive kikes are born with black or near black hair. Its just one jew metric, I know.

[ - ] Nosferatjew 3 points 1 week ago (+3/-0)*

Yes, they get arrested, and that's it. Anyone else would be held without bail for hate crimes and terrorism, would make national news, and would be prosecuted. Somehow though, they always manage to get set free. Interesting how that works, isn't it?

[ - ] Clubberlang 0 points 1 week ago (+0/-0)

I've seen this spray painted on flyover pillars on the highway

[ - ] Nosferatjew 5 points 1 week ago (+6/-1)

Good thing they couldn't possibly be controlled opposition!

[ - ] 9000timesempty 2 points 6 days ago (+2/-0)

Well that looks blatantly created by a few who really don't get it and have no imagine. Looks like the work of Jews.

It's a trap.

[ - ] con77 2 points 1 week ago (+2/-0)

how long after your purchase until the KGB/FBI show up?

[ - ] mattsixteen24 2 points 1 week ago (+2/-0)

Nice. This one is pretty sweet:

It's okay to be Goyim... hahahah

[ - ] Fundie 0 points 5 days ago (+0/-0)

Haha…Auschwitz Oven Dodgers

[ - ] didyouknow 1 point 6 days ago (+1/-0)

I think you posted this to the wrong subverse, the right one would be 'FellowWhitePeopleThings''

[ - ] thebearfromstartrack2 1 point 1 week ago (+1/-0)

Why don't Jews ADMIT to their HISTORICAL role in the manipulation and outcomes of things? You know, the TRUTH. If you LOOK bad, maybe you ARE bad and should MEND your ways INSTEAD of manipulation the narrative ALL of the time.

[ - ] try [op] 1 point 1 week ago (+1/-0)

I think you need shame to feel bad and admit wrongs, and I think historically Jews have no shame.

[ - ] thebearfromstartrack2 1 point 6 days ago (+1/-0)

Perhaps delusional? Why no shame? Twisted thinking? Manipulation to see things THEIR way (in a positive light on them)?

[ - ] GoysRUs 1 point 6 days ago (+1/-0)

That's not how psychopaths operate.

[ - ] thebearfromstartrack2 0 points 6 days ago (+0/-0)

Most executives are psychopaths I read. Hard ball, I think they call it. Rest of us call it cruelty and ruthlessness.

[ - ] Clubberlang 1 point 1 week ago (+1/-0)

Wheres the:





[ - ] try [op] 0 points 1 week ago (+0/-0)

I want a a big happy merchant face shirt!

[ - ] MichaelStewart 1 point 1 week ago (+1/-0)

"Shut. It. Down."

"We can't, sir!"


[ - ] NaturalSelectionistWorker 1 point 1 week ago (+1/-0)

Tempted to get some of these. Are they planning to do an Epstein Worked for Israel or Jews/Israel did Jeffrey Epstein shirt?

[ - ] oldblo 0 points 6 days ago (+0/-0)

We have a based shopping subverse if you think this counts.