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The Great COVID Ventilator Death Cover-up

submitted by dosvydanya_freedomz to Health 1 week ago (+29/-0)     (www.michaelpsenger.com)


Tens of thousands of Americans died after being placed on mechanical ventilators in spring 2020. It’s long past time we got real answers as to how many were killed this way.

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[ - ] foxtrot45 3 points 6 days ago (+3/-0)

I dont trust US health care. Someone please make a AI doctor and train it with a bunch of good data sets and also natural healing books from past.

[ - ] Belfuro 2 points 6 days ago (+2/-0)

This is how they turned a. 02% death rate disease among elderly to a 80% death rate.

Pure oxygen is toxic and melts the lungs.

This is what they did to rest home residents after they stripped them of family and rights.

Flat out murdered.

The stats stick out like dogs balls. Only nations with such practices had these death rates

[ - ] Moravian 0 points 6 days ago (+0/-0)

This and ordering doctors to report the cause of death as convid even though the main cause was cancer or some other disease.

[ - ] observation1 1 point 6 days ago (+1/-0)

Great write up by a great author

"hallmark of a great dictator to be able to bring out the evil even in ordinary people—and some men are uncannily good at what they do."

[ - ] Moravian 0 points 6 days ago (+0/-0)

There was a TV show from the late 90's early 2000's that was called The Dead Zone. The premise was a guy who could touch a person or object and he would get a glimpse into the possible future of that person or some event that would unfold. In one episode I think it was even called "coronavirus" he touched a child who was sick from something that spread at a children's science fair, he saw lots of kids dying. As the episode went on he touched a child that was going to be put on a ventilator and saw him die. He pleaded with the doctor and told him that the ventilator will kill the children because they have a corona virus and they need to be given hydroxychloroquine. This is the terminology they were using in the episode so obviously they must of consulted with some medical professionals when they made the episode and obviously it was a known fact among medical professionals that putting people with a coronavirus on ventilators will kill them.

[ - ] Zylazineinmypants 0 points 6 days ago (+0/-0)

You definitely can destroy a person's lungs with artificial ventilation; there are shit tons of docs that manage ventilators and have zero business doing it.

[ - ] totes_magotes 0 points 6 days ago (+0/-0)

It's not a mystery. It was announced early on that they knew it was the wrong treatment and that almost 100% of people ventilated died from either pneumonia or lung damage caused not really by COVID as much as the forced air forcing lung congestion and damage further into the finer tissues. There was never an attempt to cover it up or stop using ventilators.

[ - ] Belfuro 0 points 6 days ago (+0/-0)

I think it was 80%

[ - ] PostWallHelena 0 points 6 days ago (+0/-0)

Because when ventilated, there is no aeresolization of the saliva/mucus, which was deemed to be a health hazard for the nurses and staff. That was the real reason. To keep the nurses safe. But that was a problem that could have been solved with better PPE. It was just selfish.

[ - ] GloryBeckons 0 points 6 days ago (+0/-0)

No, that was one of the excuses they used. The reason was all the money they were getting for everyone on a ventilator. And then more money for every body bag with "Covid-19" listed as cause of death. They were even putting people who tested negative on them.

Sometimes they even did it punitively, for patients who were "not compliant" or who were just trying to leave. Easier to deal with a vegetable hooked up to a death machine, than with human being who still has a will of their own.

[ - ] autotic 2 points 6 days ago (+2/-0)

They tried to do it to me. I forced them to give me an 02 concentrator and skedaddled. Hard 3 or 4 months followed.

[ - ] GloryBeckons 0 points 6 days ago (+0/-0)

That likely saved your life. Almost everyone they put on a vent protocol died, even young and fit people. Glad you made it.