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I spent 36 hours in Vegas on business.

submitted by TheOriginal1Icemonkey to TellVoat 1 week ago (+37/-2)     (TellVoat)

Went for a day and a half of product knowledge and sales training. The location was the World Marketplace so we stayed nearby at the Golden Nugget. It’s an old place, but nice, and with some good restaurants. Had a fine dinner at Vic and Anthony’s and then meandered through the casino. At one end is an entrance/exit onto “Fremont” street. Holy shit! Stepped out into what I can only describe as the absolute bowels of hell. Satanic/jewish debauchery at every turn. Half naked people with whips and chains. Drug addled street people. Sluts everywhere. Loud music and bright lights and just gross shit everywhere. We lasted about 14.88 seconds and headed back to our room.

Get to our room, which was nice, but it was rumbling and vibrating with the noise from that end-of-days hell that was going on below. I am sure that I will not be able to sleep through this crap, so we head down to the front counter with bags in-hand, I’m ready to go to the airport by the way and skip the whole second day of this shit. I was done. Wife gets us a comped two story luxury suite with all the shit, steam room, jacuzzi, bar, everything.

It was late and we were tired so off to bed, fuck it. The room was awesome, but it’s meant to party in and I was fucking tired.
I’ll tell you what though, Vegas is a shithole. I’m done with it. I used to like it, but no more for me.

It’s literally the perfect representation of jewish degeneracy thrust upon us for the destruction of western civilization. I will no longer participate.

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I'm near reno right now and I'm bored

What is there to do in reno? Give your money to the gambling dens? Or buy a prostitute? I'm gonna head to sierra trading outpost see if they have any cool beard balms.