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Donald Trump Vents His Spleen Against the Ones Who Engineered the "Russia Hoax" in the Context of the Durham Report, and Rails Against "Criminals' in Power" Naming Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden & Barak Obama - He blames "unelected thugs in senior government ranks" for his downfall & the stolen election

submitted by RexYehudi to politics 6 days ago (+14/-1)     (www.youtube.com)


The Durham Report - Trump’s Vindication.

Trump says the "Russia Hoax subverted our democracy, weaponized our law enforcement, stoked global conflict, wrecked countless lives and provided the pretext for the left's war on freedom." He lambasts the FBI and the DoJ as "very corrupt," and says they have "interfered in every election since 2016" and that they have the 2024 presidential election in their sights .. he calls for a "reckoning."



Donald Trump declares the 2020 California & Oregon blazes were caused by "forest mismanagement," in contempt of volumes of material identifying DEW weaponry for the fires and despite the DEW attacks are criminality and treason on par with 911, and part of the Agenda 21 / 30 depopulation push that includes 5G, the Covid-19 Hoax and genocide of the elderly that has arrived in its wake .. these are the problems I have with Donald Trump not withstanding he similarly spurns 911 truth - Jews Did It.

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[ - ] 3Whuurs 8 points 6 days ago (+9/-1)

Hmm, sounds a little like the “lock her up” and “drain the swamp” and “deep state” he did precisely NOTHING about the last time he got elected.

[ - ] SumerBreeze 4 points 6 days ago (+4/-0)

And of course right after that faggotkike got elected he changed his tune to

“Hillary has worked very long and very hard over a long period of time - and we OWE HER A MAJOR DEBT OF GRATITUDE FOR HER SERVICE TO OUR COUNTRY - I mean that very sincerely.”
-President “Kikefaggotniggerlover” Trump

[ - ] Sleazy -3 points 6 days ago (+0/-3)

except expose them

[ - ] 3Whuurs 4 points 6 days ago (+4/-0)

If “exposure” had a shred of meaning in any way, you’d now despise Trump for pardoning Israeli spies for his entire last week in office while his own supporters were getting raped and tortured by niggers in the DC gulag. Or for having his DHS declare Whites the number #1 terror threat in the world. Or for literally watching niggers burn down 25 American cities and murder people while he didn’t do 1 single thing about it.
But no, you’ve had these facts “exposed” to you, and still don’t give a single fuck. Actually you probly defend or deny it.

Exposure actually helps the government because it normalizes extreme treason to people like you so you’ll stillsupport the greatest anti White traders in history.
You are the crowning example of how meaningless “exposure” is.

[ - ] Sleazy 1 point 6 days ago (+1/-0)

You dont think having his DHS declare Whites the number #1 terror threat in the world is exposing them?

[ - ] 3Whuurs 2 points 6 days ago (+2/-0)

Is this the same exposure whose value I just explained?
Or are we pretending I didn’t just do that?

[ - ] Sleazy -1 points 6 days ago (+0/-1)

fuck you

you ignored my question

you can fuck right off now

[ - ] 3Whuurs 1 point 6 days ago (+1/-0)

Lol you entitled nigger.
You ignored 99.9% of my entire comment, and are still shameless enough to have hit “post” accusing me of ignoring you… lmao.

Grow the fuck up pal

[ - ] Sleazy -1 points 6 days ago (+0/-1)

tit for tat

[ - ] TheOriginal1Icemonkey 4 points 6 days ago (+4/-0)

Trump and DeSantis should get together and double team Netanyahu's cock and balls. Throw a rimjob in as well.

[ - ] HonkyMcNiggerSpic 2 points 6 days ago (+2/-0)

oy vey goyim, elect me again and I promise this time I will drain thee swamp. -I think dear donnie is confused on what drain the swamp means. He apparently thinks it means sucking jew and nigra dick. This dipshit ain't got a snowballs chance in hell of getting elected again. He stabbed his user base in the back. He should move to israel and get on all fours like the zio dog he is.

[ - ] JudyStroyer 2 points 6 days ago (+2/-0)

Lol, this guy...

[ - ] Anus_Expander 0 points 6 days ago (+0/-0)

He will NEVER name the jew, he sold his kids to them

[ - ] NaturalSelectionistWorker 0 points 6 days ago (+0/-0)

Did he name the people Jeffrey Epstein Worked for? If not, still a shill.

[ - ] con77 0 points 6 days ago (+1/-1)

And he's right